26 thoughts on “Walkin’ Tall

  1. Personally I think if/when Christopher Walken and William Shatner die

    the world might as well just give up and no longer go one….because without either of them, this world is nothing.

  2. *le sigh* He used to live in Hawaii…. now he doesn’t….. now I live in Hawaii….. and I can’t find a good tattoo artist*le sigh*

  3. Walken is awesome, as is this tattoo – I really like the caricaturized features. But please, no more cowbell references! It’s tired. I’m tired of it. He’s done so much more amazing work that had nothing to do with big dumb Will Ferrell in a belly shirt smacking a cowbell. End of rant. Awesome tattoo still!

  4. that was a fun piece to tattoo..its a kruger painting modified to be a cover up…and i wish i was still in hawai’i to tattoo you…fly out to reno ill tattoo you

    dj minor

  5. oh me oh my..
    thats awesome..
    i did however think it was maury povich..

    sorry…. initial reaction..

  6. I clicked through before I read any of the comments – my initial reaction was that the tattoo was a portrait of Mick Jagger (and I still do think it looks a lot like him). But now that I’ve read everyone’s saying it’s Christopher Walken, I can see the resemblance.

  7. Hahahahahaha multiplied by an infinite amount to the person who thought it was Maury Povich… that is amazing, and I almost spit out my drink.

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