28 thoughts on “All The Colours

  1. my goodness, everyone is quick to jump the gun today.
    anyways I really like her obvious stickers, and her obvious facial(/head) tattoos.
    makes a very nice picture. although I just think bald women are beautiful in general.

  2. Wait, the head tattoo counts as a facial tattoo, right? Because I was just sitting here trying to find her facial tattoo. I thought maybe her eyeshadow was tattooed on there…

    Unless her eyeshadow IS tattooed on there?!

  3. I really like this picture – she’s really beautiful. I love the look of women with shaved heads, I wish I had the balls to do it myself! :-)

  4. … maybe to you.

    I HATE IT when people constantly bitch on here!!
    GAHHHHHH appreciate the picture for what it is please?

    … it’s a picture of a beautful bald woman fucking around with stickers.

    so balls to you.

    phew. Now I’m done.

  5. and to # 12, Mabel, as a woman, shaving ones head is absolutely liberating. go for it! just take my advice and wait until the spring thaw to take the plunge or have an icy head all winter. if youre not sure about it, first go about as short as about inch like a pixie cut. then get comfy, and grab the clippers!

    anyways, i think this picture is great. shes beautiful, and shes got more balls than most of us out there… a woman, with a shaved head AND head tattoos, WOW! high five! also, i dont care that the stickers dont have “much aesthetic or artistic value”.. they’re playful and cute.

  6. Jeez louise man.

    Dear latexninja: I crush on your baldness and loveliness. And your irreverent use of stickers. Which I wasn’t aware was such a sensitive subject.

  7. She’s gorgeous, but I’ve got to say I don’t understand why this photo is being featured here. Her tattoos are barely visible.

  8. I love this photo! It looks like the tattoos are creeping from behind her, almost like they’re growing on her back and spreading like lichen.
    Emma- I think the most fascinating thing about tattoos are how they fit a persons body and appear from different angles/in motion. If all photos of tat were more front on it’d defeat the purpose of the medium (which is a *person*). That’s what I love about this pic- back pieces/ sleeves aren’t just on the back/arm.

    Not attacking, just sharing :)

  9. Scarlet Thread, I can see what you’re saying as valid, but since this is a blog that focuses on the modification, some photos where her tattoos are actually visible (in addition to this photo) would have been nice and would have made this entry much more relevant.

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