Not by the line on my chinny-chin-chin!

This neck to chin (or chin to neck) scarification on Sam (a birthday present to herself) was done by Lukas Zpira whilst he was guest-spotting at Classic Ink & Mods in Amsterdam. Click through for a healing shot..

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25 thoughts on “Not by the line on my chinny-chin-chin!

  1. I love it, but I’m not too keen on the gap inbetween the end of the line and the tip of her neck tattoo.

  2. Mmmm :D Looks fantastic! Though I don’t think I could trust having a scaple to my neck either. I’d probably do one of those ridiculous over the top twitches.

  3. Looks so much better in the first picture than in the clickthrough. It looks like a papercut. From a huge, paper wielding man made of razor sharp paper. Paper.

  4. Cool Sam!
    Last time I visited you (I was the girl who was so happy with her books about bacteria xD) I noticed it already but was too shy to ask about it. But it looks great now it’s healed :)

  5. It wasn’t as scary as it looks. Lukas was really sweet. And for the record, it was a present from Sharon, not from myself :)

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  7. Wow! freekin extreme.. i’d be SOO scared i’d flinch and do a lot of damage. hehe. but regardless, i think Lukas is the only one in the world i’d let do that sort of area with a scalpel.. or maybe even Wayde. Love the look of it though.. would be a good convo starter

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