67 thoughts on “I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.

  1. The tat is just amazing, and the colours are impressive… but that joker was just a pathetic joke.

  2. I can’t imagine wanting that on my body for the rest of my life, no offence to the person who has it.

    It is wonderfully done though.

  3. what’s up with all these Joker tattoos lately.. it’s like a new craze! and they’re all from the same scene..

    not that i disapprove, I like the movie a lot.

  4. his performance (Ledger) made it look like he broke himself on the inside, on purpose, just to get it right. and get it right he did. not sure if #3′s lack of respect or taste is more disappointing

    and the tattoo is gorgeous, great artistry, lovely coloring

  5. Is it just me or does his lips look really weird? It’s bothering me alot. I would’ve loved this tattoo otherwise, but them lips are killing it for me.

  6. I agree with Patrick. I like the tattoo, great colors, great movie. But, personally… Not something I would want on me for the rest of my life.

  7. Awesome tattoo- I knew it’d just be a matter of time before the Joker tatts started appearing on modblog.
    The one thing I’m not into, like Joanna, is the fact that it cuts off pretty abruptly- I usually prefer when something like that fades out with shading.

  8. i like tattoos that are “boxed,” especially on a panel. Extremely well done tattoo, those colors are ridiculous.

  9. His lips dont look like theyre being pulled in the movie. I dont know the right choice of words to explain it but they look like someone is pulling them forward or he’s pouting…idk

  10. Wow….I would love a peice like that !
    Such a trib. to the late H. L.

    I like Jack N. version of the Joker too but I dare I say H.L. version was just a bit….cooler, sexyer, creepyer. Just WoW nice tatt.

  11. I’d say it’s pretty accurate. His lips are more… smooth then in the movie, but the tattoo is also not a true to life representation.

    I think that guy lives in the same building as me. It looks exactly (and thats not even an exaggeration) the same as my room. We live in the same city so it’s even a possibility… weird.

    Anyway, beautiful work.

  12. actually it wasnt his last performance. common misconception.

    when he died he had just finished filming all the set work of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. only having the green screen work left to do, he passed away.

    considering the story of the film, director Terry Gilliam recast the green screen work to 3 other actors (you’ll understand when you see it) namely Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell. tis out next year.

    SOOOOO many people talk about how he died filming etc, that I’ve just given up.

    I can’t wait to see that movie.

  14. Instead of getting political about the deeper issues surrounding this piece, I’ll just comment on the obviously impressive everything else.

  15. i met dennis last night at the montreal art tattoo convention, awesome dude, can’t wait to head up to north bay to get some work done by him!

  16. that’s impressive, one of the better portrait tattoos i’ve seen.
    he could also expand on piece in a neat way — a comic panel-type thing maybe.

    btw, you can’t compare Jack Nicholson’s joker to Heath Ledger’s joker, they were completely different takes of the same character. Nolan’s doing a pretty good job in my opinion, but Batman (1989) is still my favourite Batman movie… minus the Prince Soundtrack, haha.

  17. Fantastic portrait, only different thing I would choose is the placement — I personally think the side of the chest for such a ‘square’ portrait comes of looking a bit odd. Perhaps shoulder might of pulled it of better.

  18. Ok, in terms of technical quality that’s awesome. But it looks like those hideous airbrushed t-shirts one finds in amusement parks. I keep expecting to see a tattoo on the guy’s other side in some hideous pink script that says “Heath 4EVA!” This is one tattoo that will becom the object of endless ridicule in a few years.

  19. I like the execution.
    I’m pretty sure that not all of us will like/appreciate the same things/people/whatever. But can’t we at least appreciate technique and style?

  20. I think it’s really unfair to refere to it as hideous! …. know your place people!

    it’s a great piece of ink which both artist and owner should be proud of.

  21. Wow, that is so well done! I thought Heath Ledger was really, really good as the Joker! I love this piece but not on my body…

  22. this is beautiful! the linework, colours, just amazing work!
    but yeah the picture itself… “nobody will ever give me a bad review because I’m dead!” I bet that’s what the late heath ledger is saying right now.
    I saw the movie, and his acting was great but I don’t think it was as EPIC AND FUCKING AMAZING as everyone is saying it to be, I think they are just saying that, ’cause he’s dead and whatnot.
    why not get a christian bale/batman tattoo? OH WAIT because that was the worst piece of acting I have ever seen in my life and ruined the whole movie? yeah.
    personally, not a movie I want a tribute to for the rest of my life, not even that great. but whatever floats your boat!

  23. Why do SO many people ask “Why would anyone get this tattooed on them?” This blog is absolutely rampant with that question. Who cares why?? They wanted it, that’s WHY.
    The quality of this piece in particular is SPECTACULAR. Kudos to the artist!

  24. as the person who took this photo, i assure you the lips look exactly the way they do in the scene..
    the photo was taken in the hotel room the day after the piece was done and his skin was pretty tight and sore, it’s how he’s standing that gives the lips, the stretched out look..not the tattoo itself.

    and yes..he knows he’s gonna get slack about having a H.L. tattoo, we even joked about getting cowboy heath from brokeback on the other rib and putting “my pledge to ledge” across his back.

    it was a cool character and he was a fan of the movie…get over it! i don’t see anyone questioning people who get “scarface” tattooed on themselves… if you prefer i’m sure modblog can resort to posting nautical stars and swallows from now…cuz that’s exciting and new!

  25. yeah i think the whole point of this site is not to go “why would you get this done?!” cause in all fairness, different things mean different amounts to different people. i got 7 tattoo’s myself, and each and every one of them means a lot to me. does it matter that 2 of them are from a series of games? no. would it matter if it was poorly inked or sloppy work? yeah maybe.

    for me, we’re all here for the appreciation of good technique, ideas and for the sense of community.

    i mean we’re all here because we appreciate body modification in one form or another. not everyones going to agree, but cmon, the reason this guy has a joker portrait is the same as the reason you have pierced / tattoo’d / scarred / branded. it means something to you, in some way. the fact he’s willing to share it is all for the better. lets try and move away from the whole judging “why”, and move towards discussing / critiquing the “how”

  26. Menasor – I agree utterly and completely, and maybe even unequivocally.

    This isn’t a place to gawp at people and question their motives (although being inquisitive is healthly), it’s when people type “meh”/”ugh” or are just trying to be mean just for the sake of it that irks me.

  27. From the same scene? You have to be from a certain scene to desire a tattoo of a role that inspired or touched you?

    I don’t understand why people are so upset over the Joker’s popularity. Ledger did a great job, and the portrayal of his character was addictive. It’s only natural for something appealing to become popular. You wouldn’t say such a thing over microdermals or lip piercings.

    But I think this is amazing.:)

  28. I’m getting sick and tired of reading the words “not something I would get, but […]“. How is that relevant at all? Obviously we wouldn’t all get the same tattoos; why do half of the people replying in here need to say so?

    It’s a great piece, beautifully done and definitely a nice tribute to Heath Ledger.

  29. I’ld like to thank everyone for the feedback, truth of the matter is:
    -the role was played quite well
    -that’s how is lips are from the photo
    -the piece is 20x30cm in size so it would not fit on the chest or shoulder
    -it took ten hours to do… the guy (jeff) had to lay on a wooden table (no massage table available)
    -i also used my own interpretation when designing the layout….and my personal preference was to keep the border sharp, everyone fade’s out now-a-days.
    I think alot of people miss the point of the tattoo….IT’S JUST ART! there really does not need to be a huge reason behind it, as long as it looks good. As a tattooer, i must say that the biggest pain in the ass is when a customer and/or person viewing the tattoo begins to rip it apart because of ‘what’ the image is of, instead of being impressed by the actual technique involved. I have seen beautiful tattoos of serial killers, hitler, boxes of kraft dinner, homo erotic bondage pieces, etc., etc…. the reason behind the tattoo is neither my business or yours! I just make it look great!

  30. wow how incredible original…i sure want another dudes face tattooed on my body forever. the fact that your tattoos dont mean anything they just “look good” makes it even worse. all art should have meaning.

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