It’s enough to make your toes curl.

This cute little tattoo (no, it wasn’t done with the pen to the right of the little toe. Damn my suspicious mind) belongs to Nurse Kim, let’s hope her colleagues at work don’t take it literally!

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26 thoughts on “It’s enough to make your toes curl.

  1. Aww, thanks! I have always intended to get a tiny little pair of scissors tattooed above it, but I never got around to it. :)

  2. I’m sure if they wanted to, they could, but the results usually aren’t that great. It’s usually not necessary anyway. Might as well keep the (tons of ) money it would cost.

    I approve. Who knew webbed toes were so much fun?

  3. Not one but two of my friends also have fused toes.
    It is apparently the mark of a Polish princess.
    Also, it’s illegal for them to be olympic swimmers because they have an “unfair advantage.”


    (cute tattoo!!!)

  4. you’re probably right Tara, because only my home country of Poland would choose fused toes as a sign of royalty heh

  5. “Also, it’s illegal for them to be olympic swimmers because they have an “unfair advantage.”

    Haha, and you know that one day someone is going to try, there is going to be a big hoopla and people will be screaming about discrimination!

    It would be 100% awesome if there was a little scissor tattoo above it… so now it’s 90% awesome.

  6. i have a similar tattoo but mine has the scissors there too. someone said they saw my foot on this site and i’m trying to find it :)

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