23 thoughts on “Still Mythical!

  1. ITT: we will give a shoutout to /b/.

    also, yeah, swooning happening. Ifeel like I need to cut it off of her and hang it on my wall. it’s so amazing.

  2. I remember loving it the first time and I love it just as much the second time. It is such a beautiful tattoo.

  3. What’s that little bugger on the bottom right corner, on the rock?

    Beautiful work, of course, the design and colors are outstanding!

  4. AMAZING COLOUR! please tell me this isn’t ‘shopped… but somehow, i doubt this really is as amazing as it seems. damn you photoshop levels!!!

  5. ate carumba, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, FREEKING AMAZING! the colors and contrast and shading and everything about it is BRILLIANT

  6. In the lower right (her left), on the rock – that’s a poison dart frog. The patterning looks like Dendrobates leucomelas, but the colors are slightly off for the standard morph (should be yellower). Could be a different species, though.

  7. I love this tattoo. I just wish that the artist knew what a horses legs look like. That part makes me cringe. (Unless Centaur legs are supposed to be anatomically different from horse legs)

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