53 thoughts on “Last Orders

  1. I thought it was a crusty plug, and the stripe along the bottom of the can was the o ring. Needless to say, I finished eating my volcano taco before I clicked through.

  2. okay, i see a lot of sudsy soapy stuff… but i think at least some of that is nut juice.
    also, isnt he wrecking his watch? lol

  3. wow, epic scrotum stretching!
    but REALLY if you could embed any beer in your crotch would it really be coors?
    i’m not saying the americans are incapable of making good beer, but really wouldn’t a nice hieneken or grolsch be a much nicer addition to ones nutsack?

  4. I don’t know where in the world he is from and what his tastes are but I recon the beer will get warm.
    Either that or he will get serious shrinkage when he puts a cold one in.

  5. i want a fucking transcrotal. where can you get these done in the states?

    at first i didn’t see the watch on his arm, i thought his arm was a fat roll and the watch went through an inverted bipedal flap which i guess would make it a tunnel? haha anyway. damn it i want my sack to have a huge hole through it too!

  6. #9 the way that volcano taco looks, it would make me puke waaayyyyyyy before this does, i figure this could be one of the coolest bar tricks ever, ” hey man i bet you a pint I can put your beer through my nuts”

  7. #21 cardboardfrog, are you saying Grolsch or Heineken are really that much better? Try some Belgian beers like Stella q:

    love the scrotal stretch (: (I got it right!)

  8. I don’t know why I always click on the click through. And then go ‘Oh god this is horrendous!’ ha ha

  9. I thought the bmezine watermark was a white ink tattoo.

    I was squinting at my computer screen for a good two minutes before figuring it out.

    Don’t I feel stupid.

  10. oh jeeze, i love modblog, any other blog with this pic would be like “omg he stretched his nutsack!”
    but no, we argue over what beers to put through your transcrotal.
    and it is busch,
    which is also vile
    lovely thou

  11. wow, I thought that picture was incredibly dirty till I realized he was in a tub. Before I recognized that, I thought the white stuff was… something else

  12. i didn’t even see the bathtub. but in my defense, there’s a beer in his balls. i think that’s a justified distraction. i thought the suds were beer foam. and my first thought was ‘is that safe?’

    but yes, kudos on your balls sir.

  13. i lolled at the skilled photoshopping of the BME watermark.
    also.. it is SO cool to have guess what back. it’s the best thing on the internet.

  14. wow. at the first moment i though: “its another hes-got-the-whole-world-in-his-ass” pic, but i got a bit surprised…
    never been keen on scrotum streching though

  15. Not only is that just a retarded thing to do, but it’s freakin’ Busch. What kinda low rent, white trash, moron drinks that shite?

  16. hey Joshy Poshy: if you get a friend to drink beer from your TS, don’t make eye contact. according to Andrew S it makes things “really weird”…

    I believe the pic of this was on mod blog ages ago when he had just reached that size. anyone got a link?

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