31 thoughts on “You’ve got balls!

  1. Isn’t that called getting “Tea-bagged”?

    Sorry, it had to be said.
    Interesting placement though.

  2. i like the placement. it fits her hairline. i fear that if it is a bar (which i’m pretty sure it is) that it will reject since the forehead is curved and the bar is so long. that is… unless she has had it for some time.

  3. I’m a little surprised at this blog post – her lips look inflamed, if that’s a surface piercing on her chest it makes me wanna CRY (and surely a piercer would NOT pierce someone’s face if that’s how they look after other piercings? And surely that jewellery is too short? It looks like its putting pressure on the piercing… Hmmm…

  4. tea bagging…thats balls dangled in ones mouth..the closest would be arabian goggles, which is balls over ones eyes whilst giving head…


    Interesting idea, could be quite cutsey if she changed the balls..butterfly clip but in the forehead rather than hair..

    agreed on the monroes, was the first thing i saw, hopefully they settle down and ehal up all nice!

  5. I’m impressed because from here it actually looks like it’s doing pretty well! Does this piercing have a name for itself?
    And aye, first thing I saw was also the angry monroes

  6. My piercings got like that when I was preggers…. I thought my eyebrow would never heal… sure enough as soon as my son was born everything healed SUPER fast. Maybe she has something else going on that isn’t allowing them to heal properly.

  7. how dp you all that say the piercings look inflamed know theyve been there long enough to be healed they may be a few days/ weeks old. knobheads

  8. it looks like a straight barbell i have a similar piercing but a little closer to the eyebrow and we used PTFE instead of a barbell and it worked out fine

  9. @Squig “the closest would be arabian goggles, which is balls over ones eyes whilst giving head…”

    in what angle?!

  10. I like it, it’s interesting – something I haven’t seen before.
    As for her monroes, I’m sure they’re just new, or maybe she’s having a problem with them. Happens to the best of us, come on. They certainly do not look “horrible”. Give people a break.

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