Hungry Hungry Nipples.

I haven’t quite worked out why yet, but this tattoo reminds me a little of those “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup” jokes.

Erm, ModBlog, there’s someone lunching on my nipple*.

* – Well, that’s what you asked for.

51 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Nipples.

  1. So the nipple is supposed to be a butt-plug? I dont get why the arse would be sticking out unless it has prolapsed?

    The tattoo is bad (unless the lifeless weird looking figure is meant to be a blow-up sex doll then I guess its an O.K. tattoo) and the ‘joke’ isnt funny.

  2. gross. If a guy ever took his shirt off and he had that on his check
    i’d deck him in the face, put my clothes back on, and leave

  3. Haha, “He who laughs last thinks slowest” humdrum…

    Altho I don’t think I’m much better… I kept looking for the navel….

  4. does anyone think the wearer of this tattoo cares weather or not the tattoo is done well? i’m thinking is the other girl and her cup still to be tattooed? i’m also curious, is the nipple inked as well?

  5. @ Nat – True, the first things I thought of show the scale of ‘internet-warping’ that my brain has suffered

  6. To add, a bit anatomically confusing with the placement of the genitals. Not quite sure the artist understood perspective.

  7. It’s a funny concept, and if done well, I’m sure it would bring disgust to friends at partys for many years to come.
    However the poor quality of this tattoo amazes me.

  8. Wait, I thought this site had a policy about only being supportive and loving about other people’s mods? What happened to that? I’ve seen plenty of people get shouted down for not liking someone’s tattoo or mod, but apparently that’s ok here. Fantastic. Next time we get updates about homeboy with the horns and the fucked up nostrils, I’ll be sure to let y’all know how ridiculous I think he looks and we’ll see what type of reaction I get.

  9. Personally, I don’t just trash anyone’s work. I certainly don’t try to be mean just to me mean. I try to give a personal opinion along with my own artistic view as an artist. I am NOT a tattoo artist. I work in oils, ink and graphite. So I cannot comment upon a particular idea of someone’s tattoo except to say that I, myself, don’t care for the subject. But I know perspective, anatomy, and composition.

    In this case, I think the subject is witty to say the least. And certainly unique.

    However, the execution of the piece is wonky. Period. But if the wearer was looking for a scratcher-effect for gutter humor (and theres nothing wrong with gutter humor) then more power to ‘em.

  10. Haven’t seen as ugly and badly done tattoo as this for some time. Ir should go with an appropriate comment I think.

  11. So, if I comment and say I think this is one of the ugliest and most poorly executed tattoos I’ve seen in a long time, I’m not being friendly enough and living up to the ‘spirit’ of the ModBlog? Are we all supposed to follow the party line and love every single mod ever featured?

    Well, fuck that then. This here is one ugly goddamn tat, and I don’t care whose feelings get hurt. I’m definitely with the gal who said she’d get up, get dressed and leave – ‘cuz that’s the first thing I thought as well!

  12. it looks like lord voldemort’s sister. with the most misplaced pussy ever.

    /agree with friendly

    fuck being nice about peoples’ weird forms of self expression.. this is tasteless and poorly done.

    clever though.

  13. #41 CAndice – I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment re: Lord Voldemort’s sister. It was a lot funnier than the tattoo, which by the way is total crap. Interesting concept, but the execution looks as though Helen Keller’s vocational training was as a tattoo artist…..

    This one kind of reminds me of the one a few months back, showing Beavis and Butthead tag-teaming Lisa Simpson while Bart pocketed the cash.

    Actually, that one was worse. A lot worse.

  14. In case there is some misunderstanding, I think that you should be able to talk shit about someone’s mods. I’m all for being supportive of shit you like, but this is the Internets for God’s sake. If you’re such a delicate flower that you can’t handle someone not liking your tattoo or whatever, then don’t submit it to Modblog. In my opinion, a lot of the comments on here just reek of agreeing that some mod is awesome for fear of sounding not hip enough. It’s pretty lame, I think.

    Or I could have just used the sarcasm tag. Eh.

  15. Mrs. Penguin, I thought of the same tattoo, especially when I was reading other people’s comments about how shitty it was. Kept thinking, ‘man you don’t know shitty!’

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