The minute you walked in the joint..

I could see you were a woman of distinction, a real big Spencer (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Feeling a bit pervy? See below.

Mimi and Gigi tattoos by Nickhole, Living Dead Tattoo, Las Vegas, NV.

50 thoughts on “The minute you walked in the joint..

  1. It’s cute that she has the same expression in both pictures. And although I am not a fan of cheek piercings, I think they suit her.

    Yay boobs!

  2. Oh yeah!! You are the girl that had the anime make-up where you had drawn manga-esque eyes and redrew the eyebrows higher up. That was cool!!! I totally love your hair and your sternum piercing, it fits you PERFECTLY. Hmm I think I saw you on myspace, too. =3

  3. Does anyone else not think that those boobs are completely unnecessary and out of context of the other photos?

  4. Aww. Wow. I’ve been online friends with Spence for a long time in hair groups and stuff. It’s weird seeing her topless. Anyway, this is awesome.

  5. Yep, I have the anime make-up pic of her saved to my computer I liked it so much.
    Great piercings.

  6. Her profile in pic 4 blows me away. The angle of her eyes looking up, the smooth line down her nose & the subtle chin line *swoon*…yes I love profiles….

    …don’t even get me started on her boobs *gush* :)

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