Push the ceiling..

These two photos were taken by iam:mungbean, she’s a huge fan of the Brisbane band Align so don’t blame me for the censorship. If I had my way there would be a lot of “startled Churchill’s” to feast your eyes on

Break it down! Kick it. Awww yeah! Check it out.. Shabba! Sing it. Hammer time!

19 thoughts on “Push the ceiling..

  1. wish it wasn’t censored :(
    oh wellllll!
    and humdrum, if it involves a naked man…it can’t be a faux pas.
    that’s a rule to live by.

  2. i’m glad you all enjoyed the perve. the actual band playing is ring pull (myspace.com/ringpulltheband) who are playing at the Zoo in Brisbane for their CD launch on 10 October… and there is a 99.999% chance that Matt (the naked dude) will be there and bare again. as always


  3. I was just as disapointed as you ELY M. Unfortunatly the photo was submitted with the censor already applied… my CSI x-ray photoshop filter seems to be broken from over use. I suggest you check out the band if they play in your town and you may have the chance to catch naked dude in the flesh.

  4. lol why are you guys so obsessed about seeing some strangers dong? there are plenty to go around here on bme. i have the uncensored photos right here. but like i said, they’re playing in Brisbane on 10 October, catch em then.

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