Boys and their toys..

If the hair on the first guy strikes a chord with you, that’s because it’s Anarkhos and he’s been featured before (albeit slightly less horizontal on that occasion), and before!

And if the animals grazing on the next chap ring a bell it’s because they’re wallabies. Which are not toys, especially not for children as they’ve been known to contain small parts and may pose a choking risk..

Finally! Don’t forget to frequent the News Blog (which can also be reached from the main page) as Jordan updates it regularly with lots of interesting stuff. So much to do, so little cyberspace!

35 thoughts on “Boys and their toys..

  1. Holy crap I want a wallabie!

    And am I the only one that thinks the sandals the guy is wearing in the first picture are hilarious! They so do not go with the rest of him. And yeah N64 Rocks so hard!

  2. I’ve seen the guy with the wallabies on my bus! It’d be nice to see his tat once it’s finished…

  3. nice pics, but look away from the wallabies …. anyone notice his unfinished sleeve (or at least it looks that way) … I would like to see a better pic of it …. I’m liking what I see of it.

  4. Haha, chase and i were just talking about how we are on modblog a lot. In fact, i was right behind him in this picture.

  5. wallabies = SUPER GIANT MEGA TICKS and Cuteness

    that is me with the wallabies by the way, funny that some one saw me on the bus 😀 small freakin world ehh?
    I’d love to see my tat finished to 🙁 but im a poor student, when ever i have money the shop seems to be booked out for months 🙁

    a few more pix here

    and uh yeah awesome thanks and what not for featuring me!

  6. dirt naps – it’s not Rumble Pack, but TRANSFER PACK! He’s playin’ Pokemon Stadium while the Red Edition is in the joy pad’s slot 🙂

  7. Who posted this picture of me? I cut my hair because my friend died :(… and some one deleted my 60+ hour pokemon red game. At least this made me smile.

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