A Medal from Hell?

All tattooed by Damien Dok at Wildstyle Tattoos (autoplayer), Johnson City, New York..

If you’re wondering why the owner of these tattoos (who didn’t include his details) is clutching a medal it’s because that particular piece won first place in the “Best Piercing Within Tattoo” category.

Where’s the piercing you’re thinking? Well, the devil’s sporting a septum piercing but I found an earlier shot on Gok’s Myspace page and the poor religious figure being strangled is sans septum. I wasn’t sure if it was tattooed at first but as the sender added that it was pierced by Jason at Spider Bite (New Hampshire) and he won an award for it, I can only assume it was!

30 thoughts on “A Medal from Hell?

  1. those tattoos are som of the most brilliant I have ever seen!
    and Roo; am I the only to see the septum on the religous guy in the mid picture? if you look closely you’ll probably see it too ;)

  2. woow, this tatoos really blew me away.. I’m not at all christian but still, this is like.. you’re really making a statement about christianity here x)

    very cool tatoos but I wouldn’t wanna meet the owner of them in a dark alley since I kinda see the devis in this picture as his “second personality” ;p haaha, scary xD

  3. A hundred bucks says that this guy is probably one of the nicest you’ll meet. He just happanes to like scary tattoos.

  4. soeppel, that’s an actual surface piercing.

    “Well, the devil’s sporting a septum piercing but I found an earlier shot on Gok’s Myspace page and the poor religious figure being strangled is sans septum. I wasn’t sure if it was tattooed at first but as the sender added that it was pierced…”

  5. pretty funny how much you guys like these tattoos considering they are horrible quality…..he didn’t win best Black and Grey, and he wouldn’t have….

  6. Yeah. I don’t think the quality of the tattoos is all that impressive.

    And I have a distaste for religion as much as the next tattooed BME-er… but this is a bit much even for me. We’ll blame my southern upbringing.

  7. #12 my feelings exactly. I too grew up in the south haha.
    that being said, a surface piercing incorporated into a tattoo is an awesome idea

  8. Wait. What? How is the quality of these tattoos bad? How are they horrible? I mean, yeah sure they don’t look exactly realistic, but they look rather nice. I wouldn’t be ashamed to have this work tattooed on me.

  9. Emaline- look at the line work on the first picture… notice the shape of the daemon’s hand, the shape of the daemon’s forearm, the random blank space between jesus and the forearm, the crown of thorns, the use of linework to make the beard, and the bits around where the horns connect. I do really like the artist’s shading style in many parts of the pieces but he/she needs to work on shape and blending between the lines and shading.

    & yeah…this guy has spend a lot of time and money on his dislike of Catholicism…

  10. I totally agree with Max. This just supports my opinion that the majority of people can’t tell a good tattoo from a bad tattoo since these pieces look like someone in jail tried to copy Paul Booth’s style.

  11. I bet Grandma is proud of this one…….at least he had the foresight to allow this one to becovered most of the time. The shading is nice though.

  12. Totally sick! I can appreciate someone who is opinionated and isn’t scared to show it, literally. Honestly, whether or not the tattoo’s are of poor quality, the ideas portrayed through the art is great and 100% honest which is awesome considering how controversial they would be to most people.
    By the way, I completely disagree about the quality aspect because obviously the wearer enjoys the art that the tattooist produces (bad or not) and enjoys it so much in fact, that he went and got two more tattoos by this one artist. Shouldn’t a tattoo “artist” be allowed creative freedom? I mean, really, art isn’t art unless it has personality and this guy, I guess according to some of us, has a weird one which this dude obviously likes.

  13. just feels to me like he’s tried to be as controversial as possible
    i actually can’t think of anything positive sorry :(
    pretty fucking stupid tbf

  14. My only question is: Would you get a tattoo against Islam, or Buddhism on your body? What’s the point of inking your distaste for some other person’s beliefs on your body? It cultures hate.

    I enjoyed the art–don’t get me wrong, but I don’t quite understand why people feel the necessity to openly demean things, and so freely. Compare it to getting a tattoo depicting a pastor beating a homosexual with a Bible, or something equally ridiculous. I’d get offended if I saw that–and I hope you would too. Freedom of expression to the max, def, but why is our society trained that it’s appropriate now to express hate? What if I got a tattoo about hating blacks?

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