If you take the “U” out it’s still “BM”. Erm, wait..

I don’t have any other information on this other than bena “met this guy at a party and it’s supposed to say squeeze me.”

It took me three attempts to spell the name of the JPEG file wrong.

I haven’t forgotten what I said the other day, but typos are a little different, and I’m sure once the wearer realises (especially in such an intimate location) they’ll be chuckling along too.

30 thoughts on “If you take the “U” out it’s still “BM”. Erm, wait..

  1. Wow that sucks. I mean that’s an OBVIOUS typo. Does sqeeze even look right?

    ( it took me a while to spell sqeeze cuz I was so tempted to put the u.)

  2. who cares if its pointless

    all this “miami ink” influenced BS behind tattoos sucks the fun out of it

    “yeah im getting this swallow because when i was 3 i had a goldfish and his soul lives on through this swallow tattoo blah blah blah”

    this is much more fun haha

  3. I agree with TP, tattoos can “just be fun” or “pointless”

    I got a tattoo of a chilli, just because =D

  4. hehe, I had ‘ ;pve ‘ tattooed on me – it’s a typo of ‘love’ and it partly means ‘even though I make mistakes, you still know I love you’; and it’s partly just because i can’t fucking type!

  5. The first thing I thought was that this couldn’t even be a tattoo, it really does look like pen. Normally I am all about silly/pointless butt tattoos, but this is too pointless even for me.

  6. rooraaah crumbs – dude, you are seriously the pot calling the kettle black if you are jocking on people for spelling errors. when the wearer realises?’ i bet they never realised anything because that’s not how the word is spelled. it’s spelled realizes. you spell shit wrong all the time. then, to boot, you say, ‘Why only ever posts comments that are negative?’ come on man. that shit is seriously terrible.

  7. trust me, it ain’t a pen.
    it’s a bad quality “hey i have a tattoogun in my house, and since we both are drunk, let’s do a tattoo”.
    i was there, i saw it IRL, and i have a photo sized 3000X2000 to prove it.

  8. Hahaha…. I’ve been lookin at this photo a bit…. And only now have I realised that it is on an ass and not boobs lol!!

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