22 thoughts on “Flowered Toast Man.

  1. Crackerjack – Yeah, I thought ’bout the same thing x) Hope he doesn’t have a litle child who puts everything in its mouth hahaha xD

  2. The orange ‘flower’ is actually a lion mascot from the donut chain Mister Donut that is popular in Asia- not sure where else they have it. The orange bit, or the lion’s mane is the shape of one of their donuts. 🙂
    Just a bit of trivia.

  3. i love how the negative space on his chest and abdomen allude to ribs and curve with his body. also, do we know who his artist(s) for his chest/arm piece and his legs is/are?

  4. Looks like he’s really giving it to Anpan-man in those first two pics…!

    I agree with faeven on the negative space – it really makes the rest pop out too.

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