24 thoughts on “Slamming!

  1. im sorry to say but i dont like it at all, i find a bunch of ”random” (i say random because i see many people with this arrangement who clearly havent thought it through but this case might be different) tattoos to look hideous, when people have on here another one there etc and they are not in matching style it just seems like weren’t thought through at all and just kinda slapped on, sorry but thats m opinion

  2. Rehan I can understand you opinion and that is your choice which is cool as. I suppose one of the things that I enjoy about people marking themselves is that it is their own journey on their flesh. Some people are just random and while I might not love their aesthetic choice I think their unique ink is wonderful because it is them.

  3. I really really like this tattoo! I get that it’s the mosh pit thing, but in a way it kind of makes me sad that this nice ink is kind of hidden under there. I feel like it should be more visible because of its quality, ya know? If there was a way of course, lol. I hope that the quality holds too. I’m not really too familiar with how ink stays in the skin of an arm pit.

  4. Wow, I wonder how that felt? I am soo ticklish I don’t think I could handle it! lol

  5. I actually got this one right, about time. Is he worried about irritation from moving his arm effecting the healing?

  6. its completely healed now, and it still looks just as good as the day i got it. i was suprised, i thought it would be hard to heal or need touch ups because of the spot. but it healed better than a lot of my other tattoos

  7. FUCK yea, i JUST got back from the cobalt, i smell like spilt beer, sweat, and crusty punk bar floor, and im still having an asthma attack, and its was ALL for the mosh pit


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