43 thoughts on “Cat Called Kot Meaning Cat


    and i also love cute boys. how great that this picture kills two birds with one stone in that respect!

  2. Sphynx are super cute, but this ones feet freak me out. It’s claws look maaassssive. You should photoshop in an ear piercing or something on the kitty and start some more “debate.”

    The boy is also cute.

  3. Kim, the kittys claws seem so massive because
    a) theyre not missing a digit due to declawing (like many inside cats, unfortunately) which makes the paw shorter and
    b) theyre not covered with big tufts of hair to make them seem round and fluffy and more dainty like on haired cats.

  4. that looks so cool. i react allergic to cats (fur) so would i react to that cat type too?

  5. SkullKing
    Most people are actually allergic to a protein found in cat saliva, not the actual fur. Since all cats lick themselves, there’s no guarantee that you won’t have allergies.

  6. thanks Pidge…i did not know. I’m more the dog lover anyway ;-)

    bizzarely to the fact i do not touch cats, they often come to me and flatter me.

  7. ooohw those cats, ilya and I try to get one of those…
    but it’s like kids, know what u get yourself into,….

    but there sooooooo ugly it rocks!

  8. <3 Sphynx cats. <3<3<3

    One day I might have one… if a defective one comes through a rescue that is!

    Kot means “cat” in Polish. Not sure what other languages, however.

  9. I’ve always wanted a Sphynx… maybe one day, they’re SO expensive! I went with a black oriental instead, MUCH cheaper lol.

  10. I love hairless cats! I babysat one for awhile in New York once, his name was Knox and I adored him <3 Mew.

  11. Asheo, that’s actually my cat on the pic and my dream was a black oriental (or main coon though), but those are MUCH more expensieve than spyhx’ here in Russia, LOL
    p.s. and of course I took this one not because it’s bold or not, it’s just absolutely charming as a “person” %)

  12. don’t those kitties have really soft skin too? haha
    whatever i’m a huge animal lover and i think this kitty is adorable, the boy isn’t too bad either ;)

  13. These cats are the greatest ones on the planet!!! I just got another (unrelated) pair, so I will start breeding them again. This one in the pic is a brown tabby. These two are a great lookin’ pair.

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