Parker and her boyfriend Brad, proud members of the “Fucked For Life Facial Tattoo Crew“.

Tattoos by Hoss, Nemesis Tattoo Studio, San Antonio, TX.

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69 thoughts on “FFLFTC

  1. N – I don’t think anyone that has put thought into a facial tattoo will regret it, especially not in a few years.

    They included “Fucked For Life Facial Tattoo Crew” with the submission (tongue in cheek) so I’m sure they know what they’re doing and are in fact in it for life.

  2. Yes!!!! I wanna be in FFLFTC! Ive got a few tattoos on my face! Fucked For LIfe!

  3. Dammit!
    I was planning something like that with a smaller circle and now I can’t wihout feeling like a copycat!
    or I could do it, go after her and do a whole Highlander-thing….

  4. I think that looks awful. More power to her I suppose, I would never have the balls to tattoo my face.

  5. I agree with Emily, I think it looks pretty awful as well.
    I’d tattoo my face, but not with something that horrid looking, it looks like a freehand circle as well.

  6. ahhhh shaddup you complainers!
    It’s her face and obviously she likes it :)

    … I think it looks pretty!

  7. Okay, seriously. Can we stop with the “what is this person going to think in the years to come” bullshit comments already? I mean, honestly, my grandparents say that shit to me. BME is a community for the modified, not some ultra-conservative peanut gallery.

    See you all in Thunderdome.

  8. oh man it would be so cool if her tattoo was actually a scar. yeaaaah. it looks sweet though.

  9. In response to the comment that the tattoo looks freehand I would like to remind you that the face is not a flat surface. It is far easier to draw a perfect circle on a piece of paper than on an inconsistent one. I am amazed at how round the circle looks from this exact angle and would be really interested in seeing how the shape changes from different angles. I think this is pretty great for this reason. It is probably perfectly geometric from only this one angle but from all others I bet it is much more organic and erratic. It kind of reminds me of some of this artist’s site-specific work.


  10. Man, guys, you know I am all Miss Bitchy lately on here, but….

    I think her facial tattoo looks hella fucking awesome. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen. I really really like it.

  11. I bet that looks awful from the front, just think how a circle will bend to be an oval and just stretch like an egg from the side. Definitley a candidate to walk sideways like a crab just to look cool. Oh dear, normally I love this kind of thing but it just seems like someone’s trying to be cool. *sighs*

  12. I really like it. it is quite balls to get a face ink, and even moreso when it is something that is memorable and unique. I think she looks like a superhero or just someone who’d have adventures to tell. not everyone gets ink and regrets it; hell, in a few years, I would look back on that time of life and laugh.
    you only go through this show once.
    why not have a cool costume whilst onstage?

  13. I love the simplicity of it..and I agree with whoever it was who said they would want to see it from different angles

  14. @15 Kitteh

    One of the few things worse than doing something because everyone is, would be not doing something because anyone else is. If someone else doing something similar lessens your desire for it then it probably wasn’t really right for you to begin with. If you really are committed to something on the level you should be for facial tattooing then it shouldn’t matter if someone else does it at all. Do it for yourself regardless of if it is brand new or completely common.

    I’m reminded of people who pretend to be fans of something (like bands) but then fall away when other people get into it. If you really love the bands music it should not matter if it is just you listening or if they are the new pop radio golden child.

    Know thyself and then be true to yourself in everything – but especially body modification.

  15. I think it looks very nice, I wouldn’t have the balls to do it but hell as long as she’s happy with it, that’s all that really matters right?

  16. Oh man, I’m a huge fan of it. I really really like it– it’s the type of thing that I wish I had come up with.

  17. Certainly, this duo is invoking (whether knowingly or not) some part of the ‘One Percenter’ mentality (see Wikipedia for reference). I like the discussion about what people like and dislike, because conformity partially exists to oppress unwanted opinion regardless of the content. Allowing others to explain their disagreement is best, because challenging their staunch views only emboldens them. This couple is exude personal freedom, and we must respect those values in this discourse. I think the woman is incredibly beautiful, but body modifications are not mirrors to our entire souls… only exercises of some of our artistic values. If we can’t be respectful of others opinions, and others vice versa, then we shouldn’t participate in such a community. BME should exist for the discussion of body modification, and not act to ostracize those individuals who perhaps need help freeing their minds the most.

  18. I think unemployed for life would be more relevant, funny though because I was thinking of growing some chops last night.

  19. i’m highly attracted by this.
    maybe the circle is a bit crooked,
    but who cares…
    this is strong, a very strong antisocial statement!

  20. A facial tattoo is always an enormous commitment. I just hope she dosnt live to regret this one. Things always seem like a great idea on the day.
    But hey is shes happy then great!

  21. She should have the circle coloured in black then she’d look like an english bull terrier.

  22. Given the contours of the face, it would be virtually impossible to get a circle there to look right. The line quality is inconsistent, also – not surprising considering how difficult it is to render consistent lines on a surface like the face. Okay, I’ll cast my vote in the “this looks like shit” box. With the economy tanking, I hope she’s independently wealthy and invested in gold instead of currency or stocks – because she’s made herself almost unemployable.

  23. I definitely thought long and hard about this tattoo…I’ve always known I would get my face tattooed, but I never knew what exactly. When I drew up this design, I fell instantly in love. I spent a lot of time drawing in on in different sizes and positions and checking it out for a long time before I finally got it done…I just wanted to make sure I was prepared to look in the mirror every day for the rest of my life and see that on my face!
    I finally decided I was ready, and I absolutely love it. I’ve always loved the idea of beautiful girls with a “flaw” on their face. (I always have an instant crush on any pretty girl with a “port wine stain” birthmark on her face.) This was my way of fulfilling that, I suppose. Either way, I knew it was for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

    And yes, it looks perfectly round from one angle and every other way it looks warped. I knew that going into it, (especially over the nose bridge and such!) and I think it turned out wonderfully. A pretty significant amount of my tattoos are just lines.

    As far as money goes, I’m not worried. The bottom line is: I am prepared to starve under a bridge for my mods and lifestyle. I know a lot of you think that is stupid, but I already know I have different priorities in life than most people and that’s fine. I work to live, not the other way around. I know not many people could live the way we do, but it makes me happy and that’s all that matters. Brad and I run our own company, and I’m a licensed hairstylist in two states. We’re both amazing artists and hard workers….and if we get really desperate, we can maintain fairly regular employment at various call centers. :) Like I said, I’m not worried at all. Once I got my throat and hand tattooed, the game was already over.

    @ #15 Kitteh– Go for it! It won’t bother me if it looks similar to mine; I’m not real territorial over my tattoos. :) I like how they look, and that’s that. It won’t be a copycat at all, especially since you came up with it completely independently from my influence. So I second the Lizardman: If you really want it, it shouldn’t matter. I didn’t get mine because its unique, I got it because I love how it looks…reguardless of however many people get the same one.

    Shameless self promotion time!!
    Brad and I are hosting the First Annual Texas Mod Ball next Saturday, October 11th.
    We have beer, bands, mud wrestling, Mr. and Ms. Modified Texas Pageant, tattoo gift certificate giveaways, live suspension, and much much more.
    If you’re interested, check us out in the BME Events page or http://www.texasmodball.com or if you are so inclined, http://www.myspace.com/texasmodball

  24. this was my comment above somehow everything gets links to this girl who posts one entry & is linked to all my pics, i hope i got it right this time.

  25. I assume its a credible to comment, that EVERY fucking IAM person has only positive feedback on this entry. Whereas all the haters aren’t registered IAM members. Process that…

    I love it!

  26. She’ll have style when shes in a nursing home. Great story to tell the grandkids.

  27. ^ I hardly think your appearance as the highest priority when you’re straddling a bedpan or wheeling around a tank of oxygen.
    Not to mention that is the most tired response you can give. If you’re going to belittle someone’s actions, at least be creative.

  28. simplistic but just really wow.
    good for you for having balls to do it parker, and as for 58. if people spent the present time worrying about how every little thing they did would affect their future then they aren’t really living. it’s called living for the moment and while i wouldn’t tattoo my face personally, if it makes her happy (or anyone for that matter) and she’s content with it then more power to her :)

  29. I’m pretty sure its super hard to tattoo the cheek and around the bridge of the nose

    but i don’t like this. maybe i would if the line work was a little bit cleaner/thicker

    but like i said, i’m sure its hard to work in that area in the first place

  30. Everyone comments on the physical aspect of this tattoo, I love the beauty of the thought process and mental backing of the piece. Anyone who didnt like it because of its “capability ruining potential” could definitly benefit from Parkers comments. There is bulletproof logic behind the piece. This is one of those tattoos that should allow people to look past the aestetics of the piece and discuss reason.

  31. im not a fan, of either tattoo. but thats me. more power to them. seriously, no sarcasm. they make an adorable couple. and as long as their happy. then, well, fuck what i think. honestly. its just not for me.

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  33. I get cyborg from it, rather than clown. Very cool. Since humans tend to look at eyes first, I find I don’t immediately perceive the tattoo; sort of a delayed-reaction effect as you mentally zoom out that’s kind of cool and different. I really like this. It’s something I never would have thought of myself. Being a fairly creative person, I’m always intrigued by how others can come up with things I never in a million years would have dreamed up.

    As far as the nursing home comments, I hope that someday we can, collectively, get over this “You’ll regret it when you’re 80!” nonsense. I’ve often considered putting off some more visible mods I’m interested in until I’m elderly for the very reason that then it won’t matter. At that age, I won’t be looking for jobs, dating, adopting kids, or any other area where discrimination might make a serious impact on your goals. So, if people have to say “You’re going to regret it when _____!”, I suggest we change it to: “You’re going to regret it when you’re 30 or 40 and get paranoid that your boss keeps passing you over for promotion because of your mods!”

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