53 thoughts on “Permanently Hirsute.

  1. hirsute? i dont get it. did he used to be a she? what is in the plug? i like the microdermal and tats tho.

  2. maybe its my over active imagination involving nullification.. but..
    maybe its a nipple! or died skin? what’d be really neat…

    fishy mutton chops!

  3. Forgive me for having a gay moment here but… he’s beautiful and the tattoos make him soooo interesting…

  4. I’m confused as to why I’m referred to male hair growth patterns on a female? Did I piss you off or something Roo haha?

  5. I love how he has chosen not to have totally symmetrical facial tattoos..with the designs he has chosen, i feel it works very well on only one side of the face. Diggin’ it.

  6. Oh I guess just defined as hirsute means I’m just permanently stuck with a manly mutton shop haha, hirsutism is the male growth patterns in hair on females

  7. How do you get the moustache to curl like that? What product do you use? I’ve been growing mine out just so I can curl it like that but I haven’t found a product or method that gives me satisfactory results like that!

  8. I can’t wait to see his mods in person, he’ll be tattooing my feet in November 😀

  9. Shit! He’s a fuckin’ hottie! The idea of him shaving off one eyebrow is comical though. It looks great, but imagine not feeling an eyebrow on one side. lol

  10. damn you cute men, with your handlebar moustaches, and your scaly fish inkness!!!

    you’re cute! like the look!

  11. I really like the nostril tattoo, and the moustache. I’d like to see a mug shot so I can really judge how I feel about the unsymmetrical tattoos.

  12. And everything on my face is only on one side, I think personally it all balances out well… I hate symmetry but love balance

    One tattooed cheek, one eyebrow, one nostril, one tattooed ear and one stretched lobe

  13. Hirsute = hairy
    Hirsutism = excessive growth of hair of normal or abnormal distribution

    Beautiful man, beautiful mods, gorgeous.

  14. I’m not always a fan of facial tattoos, hey each to their own, but this looks HOT! Guess it depends on the person. hehe. xx

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