22 thoughts on “WE LIKE FEET

  1. Very appropriate tattoo for a dancer! I’m impressed she can get on pointe without shoes.

  2. i thought she was suspending which would go well with the tattoo of strength where as sitting doesnt take it but pointe would be alot

  3. Oh, haha, I thought she was on pointe at first too. I guess suspending makes more sense…
    anyway, it’s a beautiful shot and i like the simplicity of the tattoo.

  4. Ooo, I hope she’s not on pointe without shoes! That’s bad for the feet!

    But I’m digging the tattoo. Very nice.

  5. permafaust,
    cause i am a dancer myself and when you are on pointe, you stand on a different part of your toes, your toes are more bend

  6. Nice, I remember when I had my foot tattoed, I almost changed my mind when the gun touched my skin but I got thru it and 12 years lkater I’m still loving it! But damn it hurt!

  7. She has hot feet even without the tattoo>< I don’t live far from bellevue maybe I’ll see her around 🙂

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