Getting Shit Done – Update!

Cast your mind back for 100,000,000 shakes* to this beautiful scarification piece on Eric (by Wayde) – The photo below is how it’s looking 50,400 minutes** later!

Click through for a larger view.

* = A second. ** = Five weeks.

See more in Skin Removal Scarification (Scarification)

48 thoughts on “Getting Shit Done – Update!

  1. Ok… I’ve never really liked any scarification, but this is just beautiful. I’ve never seen anything so gorgeous.

  2. I adore this piece and i’m with both HNPsquared and Roo, i think it would have some amazing texture.

  3. i love it! i wish i had the courage to do this. also my boyfriend says he doesnt like scars :(

  4. i don’t comment much on here nowadays, just browse
    but holy shit, this is incredible.

  5. hah I’m curious what’s with the shovel? disposing of dead bodies?

    beautiful scarification. I’m glad it healed so well.

  6. I took a dual themed photo, thanks for noticing.

    One; my handle.
    Two; Poe “I then took up three planks from the flooring of the chamber, and deposited all between the scantlings.”
    and three; to clear the air, count my ribs…

  7. mmmm i love it!!! and for some reason i just REALLY like his soft-looking belly… makes one wanna nip and bite at it teehee

  8. I absolutely love the cutting, but for me the block black ruins it.
    It has healed amazing well though, when I saw the first of this I thought it would heal and the pattern would be lost, but it still looks clear and lovely. This does BME proud.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous. Eric is my favourite modified dude always. Especially with his chrome shovel. :)

  10. “525,600 minutes… 525,000 moments so dear….”

    Is what I thought of when reading the description….

    Nice photo too

  11. I’m in total agreement with everyone else who said they wanted to touch it. I will dream of this tonight. Fucking beautiful.

  12. This fabulous scar healed so beautifully! A testament to Wayde’s incredible skills. So gorgeous, just like I knew it would be!

  13. I’m not normally into scarification, but that is one of the most breathtaking pieces of mod art I’ve ever seen!

    I wonder how it’d look as a whole body suit…

    Missus’d never have it!

  14. Andrea (#40), what about this is perverted? You’re probably a troll, so I’m not expecting a reply, but just in case you aren’t, I’d like to open up further discussion so you can justify your words.

    This is probably the most beautiful scarification I’ve seen. I’m very glad for Eric that the intricate detail of the design is still prominent after healing. So beautiful, so amazing.

  15. LOL @ ben for the Rent reference. I hate that song so much….now it’s stuck in my head. Great. Being in musical theater as a lass (I say lass like it wasn’t only 4 years ago that I was 14) and having to sing Seasons of Love all the time killed Rent for me forever.

  16. Amazing on so many different levels.
    I’ve been waiting for an update on this one.
    It’s becoming one of my all-time favorites. :]

  17. please make sure to post again after at least 2-3 months healing! the piece is simply stunning, but the photos make it look like the scar is healing a bit unevenly – best of luck, if it turns out half as good as it looks now it’s still one of the most impressive pieces out there!

  18. I’m not particularly fond of scarifications either, but this is a beautiful piece of work and I would just love to sit there and touch it for hours!

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