Fire Woman!

I wasn’t sure what to do with all the beautiful photos Sandra sent me of her Halloween/Human Birthday Candle themed play piercing session (with help from Chris), so I decided to make a video slideshow of them with some of my favourite shots above and below it!

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Photo credit also goes to Chris.

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32 thoughts on “Fire Woman!

  1. Looks like a lot of history on her left arm.

    great idea for a birthday, love the pics!

  2. They look gorgeous. I’m still awaiting some needles from the US and was planning on creating something similar. I hope I have the patience to let the wax melt all the way down.

  3. that looks soooo cool :)

    it’s a pity play piercing your own arms is so difficult… i have nobody handy competent enough to help.

  4. Happy birthday!!!

    but on a serious note, in my opinion, that whole video was an absolutely amazing, awe provoking piece of art.

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  6. just a note of caution if you are ever going to attempt this. if you pierce the arms make sure your arms remain paralel to the floor you want the candles pointing up! years ago at an ROP BBQ someone learned a painful lesson when the fire got a little big because the candles where real close together and all became one big flame. fire play is beautiful but very dangerous make sure you take extra care in placement and have fun with it if it gets to be too much pushing through it is not always the best, know when to give in and extinguish the flames.

    that said, Good Show Guys, very nice work!

  7. Do anyone know where I can get these candels sterile? What song is playing on this beatiful video?

  8. Ya, 3 of the candles on my right arm started burning as one.. I didn’t think I’d have any marks or anything from it, and I let them burn down until it got a bit too hot, then blew them out, and I have 2nd degree burns on my arm now.. We pierced them so holding my arms relatively normally would have them straight.. didn’t want to catch anything/anyone else on fire. But if you do this, do be careful, and don’t do it alone…
    I have a huge print of me with candles, from Chris. :D
    Thanks everyone. :)

  9. Oh. Infection risk =P

    Thanks for info. Maybe I´ll be a christmas tree this year :D

  10. jeez, just soak in some 70% alcohol and dry if you’re that germphobic. it’s just hot wax that should never enter the skin, i’m pretty sure the flame would take care of any remaining nasties…

  11. The candles weren’t sterile, but they also didn’t touch my skin.
    I’d advise against soaking something flammable in alcohol!

  12. beautiful photos and concept =)
    and bluestar, if you don’t mind my asking, are you still a cutter? the scarring on your arms seemed pretty intense, but they all looked old.

  13. I haven’t watched the video yet, but that looks amazing.

    I wonder how hot the wax was as compared to normal parafin candles.

  14. Analise: No, I quit cutting about 10 months ago.
    Jackie: It was hot enough to leave some burns on my arms the next day.. blisters and such..

  15. sandra this is so gorgeous you look so strong and beautiful and joyful. mad love and respect.

    ps you also look skinny (kiss!)

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