61 thoughts on “Cain – Four (and a bit) Weeks Later

  1. I’ll admit it – I love his nose mostly *because* it is so hard to spot at first. Just a sort of “Oh, he’s got a really flat nose…” which then kind of spills over into absolute awe and wonder at the fact that no, that’s not *just* a really flat nose, it’s something pretty fucking extreme.

    His horns are looking better and better every day.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I think his nose is looking really refined but the forehead implants are too big. They skin doesn’t appear to be settling down and it’s creating too much of a tent. I think the previous size really suited the space available on his forehead.

  3. It looks like he has a pair of itty bitty breasts on his head. This is not cool.

    His nose however is pretty cool.

  4. Hrmm at first i was skeptical but then I clicked through to Emilio’s page and saw more photos from different angles and when you can see his long hair and beard and the full look, he is actually pretty badass 😀

    I agree the implants are a little overpowering though. And I hate to say it but I’m reminded of ‘tit-head’ in Little Nicky XD

  5. i agree with rachel; ive liked his nose reshaping since the beginning but im not as big a fan of the implants. granted they are unique, i just prefer the smaller size.

  6. I don’t like the horns, they are too round to look like “horns”. more so boobs. they should have done implants with like a 1″ base not like 1 1/2″

    these are my least favorite set of horns, I am glad the mexican mutant hasn’t gone this big, its ugly!!

  7. I don’t know much about implants but I think the horns would look better at that size if placed higher up on his head, or hopefully the day will come when implants of this size can be exposed and the skin would still heal around them without any complications. Would look ultra fucking scary if they curved behind his head and could be sculpted and what not. The nose is fucking crazy

  8. # 10! haha now that you mention it…. anyone else want to draw little nipples on the implants to? i like the previous horns but these are defiantly getting huge lol.

    im quite naive about implants, but the skin can thin and ‘split’ open in top of one if it gets big to fast right? it looks kind of ‘scabby’ on top but that could be reflection or what have you.

  9. I liked the look a lot better without the bigger horns. Honestly, I barely notice the nose reconstruction with the bigger horns.

  10. I don’t care for the forehead implants. I just think they’re way too large and don’t fit his face, they’d look nicer if they were a bit smaller.

  11. the nose project is amazing I dont really like the horns cause they dont look even

  12. I’m with sade. bad guys should enjoy their work
    he looks amazinng

    I can’t tell if the horns are tenting at th bottom by his eyebrows, but in this picture it looks like it. off to check out the other angles

  13. I think the horns are a wee too big, they look like titties to me.. The nose thing is very very cool though

  14. I’m sort of nervous about the way the horns look, too, but I dig the effect it has on the nose. You barely notice it because of all the other stuff and you think “wow that’s one hardcore dud–whoa!![satan!!]”
    Seeing the size they’re at now makes me heave an audible SIGH~ for having real “horn” implants; eg, implants that stick up and look “boney”/”nail-like” and not flesh-coloured [a really big transderminal, I guess xD]…he could have his demon horns, I could have antlers…..SIGH~

  15. I also agree with the tenting. I can’t quite tell from the angle, but the one horn seems to be causing a blister or perhaps breaking through the top?

  16. wow – massive huge horns cain has. he may cut off his lips and sew them into “inside” for a future project. i’m pretty sure such a demonic looking mouth would suit him well. or he cut his lower lip vertically or….hey it’s his project, not mine 😉

    he looks so good!!

  17. Man, those horns take away SO much from the amazing job on his nose.
    They don’t look even, but hey, if he digs the look, power to him.

  18. I really don’t like those horns. It makes him look like he has two hard boiled eggs stuck to his forehead.
    I don’t know much about implants, but I’m interested to know what they feel like. Would they not make his feel heavy at the front?

  19. grr. This is my perpetual angry face.

    I too wish to see this guy smile damn it! be happy! you have boobs on your head and a neat looking nose! what more could you ask for in life?!

  20. How much does the chance of subdermals wearing away at the bone increase as they get to the point where they’re stretching the skin to the limit, coincidentally just like fake tits do..? The nose looks like it’s healing well, but those horns look like they’re about to pop 🙁

    As much as Adrian may have been tongue-in-cheek, it really does sound like a better idea to mount large horns externally than attempt to stretch the skin ad infinitum.

  21. I think its fairly obvious given his other mods that he intended the nose to be that way and its not botched plastic surgery XD

    32 & 41 I was actually saying the same thing to a friend, I even think transdermals the size that are currently possible, with some interesting custom metal horns attached would match the metal in his lips and balance out the look a little and give the nose the attention it deserves!

    But thats just my opinion, I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses! 🙂

  22. damn….how much do we really need to see this ugly ass dude and his jacked up nose….this is like the 6th post in the last 6 weeks….

  23. maybe some people are wanting to see how this procedure turns out ??

    seems like a good guess

  24. This guy has some underlying sexual energy I would just LOVE to experience first hand! Mmmm, he looks so evil and tempting.

  25. wouldnt it be awesome if he got real horns. Apparently if you get implants made of coral they will eventually calcify to your skull, at least that is the theory,after they calcify he could get the skin that covers the horns cut off thus having real horns!

  26. he all ways looks like such a god damn bad ass.
    i have to agree with some of you, though. the way too big horns kind of minimalizes the awesomeness of his nose.

  27. I don’t like the horns,as I stated in..the last post about him.
    The nostrils are shaping up alright, but I’m not sure if they really appeal to me anymore.

    Either way, props to him for following his goals for himself, yadda, yadda…I’m just getting tired of seeing this over and over.

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