34 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone!

  1. Definetly a problematic spot for micros, and available jewelry is sadly not effective as its supposed to be…well..But that rook is oh so nice!

  2. Both of my foretragus microdermals have been having issues. One is on top of scar tissue from a surface bar, so it’s understandable, but my other is just recently starting to tilt for no reason. I think I might be yanking mine too…

  3. interesting. why is that spot so problematic? i thought it would be a good place for them.

  4. I had two just below my temple and unfortunately they both rejected (well one did entirely and I removed the other one myself after it was showing signs) – I can’t sleep on my back so I put my problems down to irritation from resting the side of my head on the pillow.

    Well that and oral sex.

  5. I don’t have a dermal anchor there, but I do have a regular tragus piercing. I remember my jaw-area hurting quite a bit when I got it done. If you put your finger where that anchor is, and then open and close your mouth, you’ll notice just how much movement is going on there. When you talk, when you show, probably even when you swallow. I’d chalk it up to that.

  6. I had one in my eyebrow and it rejected but i was fiddling with it too much. I got it re-done but i think its going to reject as well. starting to tilt. arg! i wish there was something i could do!

  7. That picture makes me squirm a bit, because I have one there now. I’ve had it for just over a year, and it’s been doing just fine, so fingers crossed!

  8. I’ve seen a lot of issues with microdermals.

    Compounded with the issues that go along with surface piercings and I’m starting to get this attitude of “don’t pierce flat things” in general.

  9. i hope that doesnt happen to my microdermal on my throat, the blood will ruin my t-shirt

  10. i’ve been amazed to see the pictures of bloody rejections of dermal anchors. I have two just above my shoulder blades and experienced a rejection about three weeks ago. It literally just popped out of my skin. No blood, no tearing of the skin or pocket (which meant that it was easily popped back in and has actually settled down better than before). Maybe I just got lucky?

  11. I’m certainly no expert but I am not at all suprised that so many people are having problems with them tilting ‘for no reason’. As I understand it, the design of the microdermal allows tissue to grow through holes in one side of the jewellery, keeping it anchored. So…surely the tissue grows through, subsequently pulling that side of the anchor downward and causing the jewellery to tilt. Surely people have been expecting that to happen since the early stages of their development.

  12. would be great to see a statistic review on “how many microdermals rejected every 100 inserted”..big numbers i suppose. All this issues on md refreshed my interest to surface piercings..

  13. I’ve had good luck with microdermals in that area. I put mine on the flater suface. Looks like this ones in a bad spot.

  14. So…surely the tissue grows through, subsequently pulling that side of the anchor downward and causing the jewellery to tilt.

    Anybody know if microdermals with symmetrical feet are less problematic?

  15. Aw. That sucks.

    I just had one of mine in my sternum removed because it surfaced. :(

    Can’t wait to put it back in! :D

  16. Symmetrical feet would be a step back towards transdermals would it not; with more invasive insertion and removal?

  17. i had a micro behind my ear that rejected as well, it was doing wonderfully for almost a year and then i started noticing it being more irritated and “tilting” and then i was cleaning it one day and saw the edge of the foot. i tugged it a ltitle and it just popped out. i have two in my clavicle region… one is looking a little angry, i’ve had them for almost a year… i hope they stay! i love them so much

  18. I had one rejected, as well. I had it done one day and the next morning it looked like i had a grape under my skin. My boyfriends mother took it out with pliers and it bled everywhere. I was really sad but I wont try it again

  19. i have a bindi *third eye* MD, i’ve had it about 4 months and i think its doing well… but i’m paranoid about this happening…. Does anyone know if the area where I got mine is problematic too (between my eye brows)?

  20. hey jonny guess you’re not doin it right … roo would be referring to ummmm legs wrapped around his head turd burglar

  21. very interesting. I found this article when I was browsing the archive of “microdermals” as my research because I am interested in getting one myself. I looked through several portfolio’s, and mentally sorted out a numbered list. Six from Exotix (http://www.sixbodyart.com/index2.html) was #1 on my list. Anyway, what was a really interesting coincidence, is that this MD was actually pierced by Six. The same picture, without the rejection aftermath, is also in this portfolio website. According to his website, the “perfection” shot was taken 6 months after the procedure.

    My question is, if it was fine for the first 6 months, what could’ve triggered this rejection?

    I’m curious, because like I said, I’m interested in getting a MD myself but not that same location.

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