And a pair of furry dice..

By Lucco, Squamificio Tattoo, Parma, Northern Italy.

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18 thoughts on “I’M HERE WITH THE SAVIOUR!

  1. Jonn t. NØTHING – I could be wrong, but I think the writing translates as the title, “I’m here with the Saviour’. (p.s., British spelling ftw Roo!) I don’t speak Italian, but it is similar to Spanish in many ways and that’s what it looks like to me.

  2. I like how it incorporates symbolism from every religion just to make a total mockary. I think it works well to serve its purpose, and the lightsaber is the def the best part lol

  3. whoa i just noticed the light saber!

    “you will all love this tattoo”

    *waves hand*

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