It’s Universal.

I didn’t realise that this scarification was by Lucas until after I’d edited the photo, honest!

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9 thoughts on “It’s Universal.

  1. Smoofsy – I think it might be bruised from his eyebrow piercing, maybe it was recent?

    Dunno, don’t know much about eyebrows.

  2. I really like the scarification, but his eyebrow doesn’t look happy :(
    I agree with CrimShuffle, I want to see it healed! I bet it would look ~awesome~

  3. The small cut under his eye is grossing me out. Overall it’s great though. I also want to see healed pictures in the future.

  4. ya im not a fan of the small under eye one to agree with # 7. its looks so gouged.. but what do i know i’m sure it was done correctly. maybe it’s just puckering due to healing or something.

  5. this is excellant. i had my face cutting doine 3 weeks ago and it was a real experience, it changed my life the way no other mod has and ive got a few!

    RESPECT to the dude in the foto!

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