Cry Baby

I vaguely remember crying this much when I first had my ears pierced, I’ve toughened up a bit in the ten years since then though.

Humour aside if it were my kid (or if I were the piercer for that matter) I really would have to search myself very hard for any reason why it would be necessary or fair to pierce someone so young, someone that still isn’t able to control bodily functions most adults take for granted, let alone decide if it’s what they want. It certainly can’t be so they’re popular at nursery school, or because “all the other babies are doing it”.

Granted the physical trauma is minimal but I just don’t believe a baby belongs in a piercing environment, at all..

No offence to the mother (I’m assuming she’s the mother) in the photo but seeing my child in obvious distress, whether it be through physical pain, emotional stress or otherwise, would definitely lead me to reassess any decision that caused that distress, for a decade or so anyway.

I’m sure posting this will restart the “should kids be pierced” debate, so click the previous links then come back here if you feel like taking part or shouting at each other. Just don’t take the last two seriously..

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  1. look at the kids face!!! The child does not understand what is going on, and really doesnt like it…. This sort of practise should be illegal, and the mother should be shot!!!

  2. I think it’s really more of a culture thing… I personally got my ear pierced when I was 6 months old. In hispanic culture and in other culture’s like arabic people do it to distinguish whether or not their baby is a girl. Some people may say it’s immoral or wrong to put a child through pain… but if you think about it , Jewish people have huge parties to chop their son’s foreskin off. So you really just have to see it through the other persons eyes. All cultures have their taboo’s and this is just another we have to learn to understand whether we do or don’t agree with it.

  3. That was the only thing holding me back from working at Clair’s. A baby getting pieced with a needle, MIGHT be alright, but their using guns, which is a whole different story..

  4. I think this is terrible. Piercing without consent is mutilation, as far as I’m concerned.

  5. hm. i suppose you can think of piercing a babies ears like… a little booster shot. i know it’s totally different but i mean… a lot of cultures cut their clits off so i don’t think it’s too bad. circumcision is prob more painful… but i am SO happy to be circumcised… sooo. please don’t start an argument about circumcision… .seriously cuz that pisses me off.

  6. ahh thats is so horrible :( makes me sad to see mums let some twat with a piercing gun fuck their babies ears up.

  7. I’m not the biggest fan of kids THIS young getting pierced, but a little older where they’re able to talk and express opinions on the subject (even if it’s not much more than “That’s so cool! I want one”) I think it’s fine.

  8. What’s pathetic about this is that the only reason most people get their daughter’s ears pierced is so they’ll look more feminine. The mothers seem to consider it an accessory.
    It’s about time we lay off the fucking gender roles and let our children decide for themselves.

  9. I cried like that the first time I had my ears pierced! Which was around.. 13 or 14 years ago. I was only 7 or 8 years old and my mother wanted my sister and I to wear earrings for her wedding as we were bridesmaids. So she took us to one of those little piercing places on a market stall to have it done… thanks Mum. As it was they healed just fine and I’ve had them ever since. My sister got rid of hers as soon as the wedding was done. I’m in two minds on this one. On the one hand it looks terribly cruel to put a baby through this kind of thing, she didn’t ask for it, she can’t say she doesn’t want it, she can only cry. On the other hand.. she’d probably have wanted it done someday anyway, and she won’t remember how much it hurt when she’s older. Or probably even in a couple of weeks when they stop being sore.

    I’m still undecided on this one. I guess I’ll have to be a parent before I really know what I’d do, though to be honest, I’m leaning towards ‘wait til they can ask themselves’.

  10. I couldn’t even look at the picture for very long, it just upsets me. Maybe im being a bit overdramatic about this but in my opinion its just cruel and unnecessary.

  11. Fucking disgusting. Piercing a baby’s ears, whether with a needle or a gun, is fucking child abuse. I find it absolutely disgusting. It serves absolutely no purpose but to make the mum’s ego bigger. Ridiculous. Should be illegal, in my opinion.

  12. I thinks it’s fucked up, and it looks horrible on a kid, really chavvy!
    I saw a kid who must have been about 9 or 10 and he had a fucking eye-brow piercing! Ridiculous!
    Some parents are pretty selfish.

  13. Great mothering… I dont understand how someone can be so stupid to pierce her baby at that age…

  14. And look at the environment the baby is having the piercing in… i think its completely disgusting and if i was that lady seeing my child in such distress i would not go through with that, i wouldn’t even consider doing it in the first place.

  15. I’ll amend what I said before, I believe when kids are old enough to ask and express interest in getting a simple piercing (i.e. lobes) then that’s fine, I think that’s within reason, but nothing really beyond lobes.

  16. someone up there^ asked:

    Needles vs Guns:

    Comparing a responsible professional piercing shop with a responsible gun-piercing store like Claire’s or similar:

    GENERALLY [and yes, there are lots of exceptions, quit whining at me] piercings performed with needles are done by a professional piercer who has access to sterilisation equipment and knows how to use it, and is clued up on blood-borne pathogens, anatomy of skin and basic wound healing etc.
    They use sterile needles, sterile jewellery and give out detailed aftercare information with the invitation to come back to the shop with any queries or worries.
    A needle is sharp, and cuts a small slice which is opened out into a round hole by the bevel on the blade. While this obviously causes some trauma, the sharp slice is relatively easy to heal and the surrounding tissue is barely affected.
    Jewellery is sterile, carefully considered for size, taking into account the swelling involved with the initial piercing, and will be made from a high-quality non-reactive metal [gold, titanium, surgical steel].
    All utensils used in the piercing are either disposed of responsibly or sterilised thoroughly before being reused.

    Equally generally [with equal exceptions], gun piercings are done by people who have had a fifteen minute training program, usually in the middle of busy shops, or behind a curtain.
    They use a non-sterile weapon, non-sterile jewellery, and hand out a one-size-fits-all aftercare sheet whilst being unable to reliably answer any queries the piercee may have, due to insufficient knowledge of all the factors involved in body piercing.
    In gun piercing, the jewellery itself is used to punch a hole through the flesh. While the earrings used do have a sharper point than usual, they’re still a ‘blunt object’ compared with the razor-blade on a needle. This is pushed through the flesh at great speed, damaging the tissue until the earring finally forces its way through, usually with a microfine bloodspray that coats the mechanism of the gun with potential pathogens.
    The violent nature of the shooting mechanism causes [relatively] massive tissue damage, leading to extensive swelling and pain, not to mention serious problems if anyone is stupid enough to gun through cartilage.
    Piercing guns are often made of non-sterilisable material and cannot be autoclaved. Very few places have the means to gas-sterilise their equipment. SO they are often just wiped down with disinfectant. While this kills a lot of bacteria, it does NOT sterilise, and pathogens, particularly viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis may remain on the surface of the gun from the bloodspray. you cannot see this stuff, it’s just a fine film, but it’s there.
    Jewellery used in gun piercing is too short, doesn’t account for the swelling of the piercing and traps blood, lymph, dirt and bacteria behind the stud and the back. Often they aren’t made of a suitable material [though these days they usually are]. Often, the jewellery isn’t sterile, but has been handled by previous customers deciding which style they want punched into their earlobes.

    Having said all that, all six of my ear piercings were done with guns – but i was too young to know better at the time!

    [And: i KNOW this is a gross generalisation, underground piercers, perfectly responsible beauty therapists etc. etc. etc. but most of it holds true in most cases.]

  17. i would be against this piercing as well, seeing as it is piercing without consent. but then again look on the good side, theyre at least piercing at a shop with a needle rather than with a gun

  18. I think whenever the kid can decide for themselves is the right time. I got my ears pierced when I was 11 (at Claire’s too, ouch), after pestering my mother for weeks about it. She chose to let me make the choice, and god forbid I ever have children I plan to do the same.

  19. Having said all that, all six of my ear piercings were done with guns – but i was too young to know better at the time!

    Same thing. I got my ears pierced at the tender age of 7 or 8. After begging my mum for like a year or two (apparently) The ONLY male kid in elementary school with studs. Nice!

  20. I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 2 and asked for it to be done..she was old enough (and clever enough) to understand what was going on….I always said I would not pierce her ears until she was old enough to ask for it..I would never pierce a babys ears, not only can they not ask for it, but they pull at their ears when they are teething, in pain etc..

  21. Ironically, my case was the complete opposite. When I was really young, I understood what ear piercings were and I knew that I had to get them. Of course, my parents said no. I started wearing those cumbersome, painful clip-on earrings which did make my lobes swell up to some degree. The first set of lobe piercings were always the argument with my parents. Their age was 18, but they finally gave in when I was 11. After that, I wanted another set of lobes done. The answer was no, of course. I DIYed it and managed to hide it for five months. I then got a helix which I managed to hide for two months. That was when I was 13.

    Would I have complained now if I got these mods when I was a baby? No. I love my mods and would not give them up for the world! However, not everyone is like me, and not everyone loves piercings the way I do. Therefore, I think that piercings should be done only with consent from the piercee, regardless of whether the guardian gives consent.

    There’s this argument: The baby will not feel pain as their nerves are not fully developed yet.
    what a fuckload of bullshit! If that’s the case, babies shouldn’t cry when they are dropped, and they also shouldn’t cry when they bang their head against the wall. And they certainly shouldn’t cry or display signs of pain or trauma when they have their lobes gunned.

    Another argument: The baby will forget about the pain and they will not have to bother with the aftercare as the mother will do it for them.
    Perhaps if a person isn’t bothering to do any aftercare and doesn’t accept the pain of a piercing they don’t want it enough to have it done?

    Another argument: It looks fashionable and makes a bald baby look more like a girl.
    At what cost? There are a whole load of cons to gun piercings that you can read up everywhere on BME and other websites. And needle piercings are out of the question as most professionals will not pierce a baby’s ears. Also, maybe the baby doesn’t want to grow up with holes in her ears? I know a few friends who have never wanted their ears pierced. Compromising placement that will go wonky as soon as the ear grows? This is, however common, still a body modification, and there will be, in most cases, scar tissue that will last for a life-time. Compromising a baby’s weak immune system for fashion? I’m sure most people will agree with me that health is much more important than fashion.

    I currently tutor two kids who are 8 and 10 years old. The latter wants her ears pierced. I’m planning to explain to her parents why her ears should be pierced by a heavily tattooed guy in some upstairs shop with an autoclave instead of the safe-looking mall without making myself sound like I’m completely insane, because everyone knows that a mall-gunned-piercing is perfectly safe, right?

  22. In Spain, at least when I and my sister were born. all girls had their piercing ears done the same day we’re born.

  23. Autch. Noh, no piercings on kids by my opinion.
    My mum had my ears pierced when I was 5 years old, and I remember that trauma til this day.. I hid under a table at the hairdressers/piercers salon, and after a month my ears was so hidiously infected.. My mum had to hold me to the ground so that she could take the earrings out, becouse I would run away screaming every time she tried to come close to be able to clean them.. The pain, oh the pain!

  24. Surely its up to the individual to decide when their old enough if they want their ears pierced. Obviously mom is into body mods by why inflict pain on their so called loved ones!
    I think the baby would be uncomfortable lay on the earrings let alone anything else, after all a baby lies down a lot of the time.
    Maybe this mother would like to be held down and have her gentials pierced see how she likes that against her will!

  25. I think it’s disgraceful and it should be completely illegal.

    Can we name and shame the woman in the picture?

  26. I couldnt imagine putting metal through my baby’s ears. Their skin is so sensitive as a baby, it would be so painful if the ear became infected. I don’t see this as being any different than circumcision as the child does not have the choice to chose at that age. That being said, if circumcision is socially acceptable, putting tiny holes through cartilage isnt far in my eyes. However, i disagree with circumcision……in the end…putting holes through your baby is cruel.

  27. “While this kills a lot of bacteria, it does NOT sterilise, and pathogens, particularly viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis may remain on the surface of the gun from the bloodspray. you cannot see this stuff, it’s just a fine film, but it’s there.”

    It is possible for viruses to live outside the body for a short time while they are still wet, for example inside a blood clot. However, these viruses have to get into your blood stream to cause an infection.

  28. The main reason why it bothers me that people get their infant child’s ear’s pierced is because it isn’t about their child. It isn’t to help the child in any way. It’s because the parents think it looks good. It’s like dressing you dog in “cute” clothes, it’s just for the owners entertainment. It’s the same with a parent getting their kids ears pierced, the parents do it cause they can, cause its THEIR child. It’s like a toy. Sure other cultures do significantly more harmful things to infants, but I don’t think you can necessarily compare that. You have to look at it from a cultural/spiritual point of view.

  29. This is just retarded, can’t see any pros in this case, and it pisses me off that someone would do this!

  30. #27… but if they’re on the mechanism that is being used to punch a hole through the next person’s ear…i’d say that’s a pretty good entrance into the bloodstream.

  31. sooo I was 4 months old when my mum has my pierced pierced…
    and guess what! they’re still perfectly straight; no infections or anything.
    saying that though, I am against gun piercing, because damn,
    I’d rather have a hundred needle piercings compared to a gun.

    Oh and I had my cartilage pierced with a gun (7th grade, woop!)
    and it’s perfectly fine as well.

    I feel quite sorry for the baby,
    I could not / would not do that to my child…. ever.

  32. #30..Then I would avoid a shop that didn’t use a disposable cartridge and effectively clean the gun in-between uses..But then I would avoid the gun altogether in favour of modern sterile methods.

  33. In the old debates about this stuff, a few years ago, I am sure someone linked a study into how having ear piercings as an infant reduced scarring in later life when injured.

    If I remember correctly the premise was that the piercing stimulated the healing process while it was still developing, and as a minor injury gave the body something to react, not over-react to…. so that future injuries would be appropriately healed, not keloided like mental.

    Just throwing that out there for those who can find nothing positive about this image.

  34. wow… I remember having my ears pierced very young as well…
    — but wow.

    I’ve also had my ears pierced with a needle and a gun and the needle hurts a lot less….

    – this picture definitely gave me an ookie feeling – the mother seems like she’s holding her child still so the man can pierce her and surely he feels odd about it?

  35. Piercing babies is akin to piercing animals in my eyes, they cant consent, they have no idea whats going on and it obviously causes them great distress. I first had my ears pierced when i was 5 and i didnt really want them done, i took them out two weeks later because i hated them. I watched my little sister get hers done at 8 months old and it was completely heartbreaking. I couldnt do that to any child of mine, it really disgusts me.
    I cant see what valid reason there could possibly be for piercing a tiny baby who cannot/has not asked for it, i really cant.

  36. In what context was the picture sent in?

    Was it:
    ‘Look at me introducing my child to piercing at such a young age, aren’t I liberal?’

    or was it:

    ‘Found this pic and I think it’s disgusting/abuse/bullying/whatever, please show the world this is wrong!’

  37. did anyone else notice how bad the placement looks in the picture? thats an earring I can see migrating really low on the lobe. IM willing to bet that the baby in this picture, when they are an adult, will not be happy with this piercing.

  38. Swampy – It’s a photo so the context was lost, judging by the small amount of text sent with it they just wanted to share the photo.

    I’d venture your first sentence is along the right lines.

  39. I had my ears pierced when I was 6 months old, and now many many years later they’re only a bit crooked. I don’t have very many ill feelings towards this situation, other than if the piercing gets infected. From my point of view, I see it as my mother’s way of preparing me for my inevitable future mods.

    Nobody is forcing them to wear earrings in the future. A little itty bitty hole isn’t going to be noticeable; lobe piercings are a complete cultural norm.

  40. It’s a frustrating thing to try and figure out. On one hand, it is very much a cultural thing, a lot of the time. Most baby-piercings are done by people in hispanic cultures, where it is traditional and certainly not considered abusive. And it’s very easy to say that “Well, just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean it’s not stupid,” which is probably true in a lot of ways, but also horribly unrealistic. Most of the people I know who got pierced very young don’t regret it. And generally speaking, walking up to people and saying, “Your traditions suck,” doesn’t actually change anything. An outsider’s perspective is usually not appreciated — having white women traipse into African villages saying, “Female circumcision is bad!” does very little to convince male village elders that the practice is barbaric. Change has to come from within.

    I’m not a big fan of circumcision, but as an atheist, the vast majority of Jewish people are not going to care what I think. (I do vehemently oppose the rather predominant practice of doctors circumcising baby boys without the permission of the parents, much less the infant in question. That’s not even tradition, that’s just stupid.) Personally, I do think it’s wrong to modify children so young they have absolutely no concept of what’s being done to them. And yes, she probably would have done it later anyway.

    Someone mentioned gender issues, and for me, that’s what a lot of what bothers me. This child may grow up to be trans and identify as male. As a culture in general, we are constantly prescribing what our children look like, and it causes huge amounts of grief to kids who later don’t find in to that rather strict mold. It’s taking a six-month old kid and saying, “We’re starting you early. You’re a girl, beauty is pain, learn that now, you’re going to be expected to do this for the rest of your life.” It’s a symptom of a much, much larger problem.

  41. Kids should not be pierced until they are big enough to ask “mommie, can I get my ears pierced?” and old enough to take responsibility and look after thier piercings and thier bodies.

  42. well. asians have their daughters pierced at a really really young age, like two? or even younger. its like, tradition

  43. In Asian culture its common to get ears pierced young, mine were originally done when I was like 3 months old.
    But due to my eczema there was a brief period where I didn’t wear jewlery, the piercing closed up and I wound up having it gunned. When I was 7 by my cosmetolegist aunt.
    (that made me cringe a little thinking about it)

    I’m sure at some point my mom explained to me why it was significant in Asian culture. I’m a Lao/Thai/cambodian mutt all those cultures have high regards to beauty and adornments. So that combined with the Asian love for gift giving I’m sure its all just a trend that became culture.

    But… Between me and my baby sister(she’s 12) my mom’s cultural identity changed a bit. My sis didn’t have her ears pierced until she was 9 and had saved enough money to have them pierced.

    Regardless of ethics, you also need to remember that tolerance is a big part of ethical living.

  44. my mum got my ears pierced when i was 2 months old. she looked everywhere for a piercer who would do it and when she couldn’t find one she got one of her friends to do it with a sewing needle HOORAH! the piercings are now real low and they wree real too tiny for any normal sized earrings untill i stretched them myself when i was 14 ( oh and I know a lady who got her 4 year old son tattoo of bat wings on his shoulders….the kids gunna hate her when he turns 12 and has got some splotchy pieces of black on his back). on the bright side, when i was uber little all my friends without errings thought I was way cooler than them and all wanted pierced ears HOORAh again…and no I was never traumatized and i don’t have any memories of having dull sewing needles shoved into my ears.
    so yeh i’m pretty undecided tho i would never pierce my baby’s ears if i had one.
    oh and gun testimony: i got two nose rings done with gun when i was 15 cuz I was poor and it cost half of what a needle piercing would have. the second one never healed and kept getting puffy and hurting like a bitch for months till one day it started bleeding like crazy and I had to take it out. I repierced it myself with a hypodermic needle a few months later and it healed fantastically and i never had any problems with it.
    HOORAH again :D

  45. Erlsalot- Hepatitis can live on a surface for up to 1 week. And I guarantee that Claires does not disinfect the surfaces used with an acceptable disinfectant(Optim 33 or Dispatch). And what about MRSA? So not everything has to be “wet” or enter the bloodstream to cause an infection.

  46. This piercing is not done in a professional environment It’s at a clothing store, the piercer is wearing food-grade vinyl gloves, the shop lots cluttered and messy. I am not a fan of that aspect of this, one thing i can say to somewhat justify what she has done (talking about the ends not the means) There is a rumor going around that babies don’t have feelings in their ears for the first few months, but i am not sure if this is true or not, just something someone told me, i’m not going to get my kids ears pierced when they are born, This is going to be a right of endurance, if they can ask me (numorous times for no real reason other than seeing their determination.) then handle going to the big shop and seeing those big needles and not crying or running away terrified, then they are mature enough to some-what make the decision. or i may just pierce them myself with a hypo and Autoclaived jewelry.

  47. If the person receiving the piercing can’t answer the simple question “do you want to get pierced?” or heck if they can’t answer any question. I won’t do it. I don’t care who says what, if I say no the first I’m not going to say yes any other time. I had a little Indian girl about four or five years old, in my place of work a few years back, her father asked me to pierce her nose. I asked her, she wasn’t keen, I said no, the father got angry, They left, and come back, he says she wanted it now… No she didn’t. Get out, you’re a shit dad!

  48. I think babies getting pierced is awful.
    I personally think everyone of my piercings was an experience. I would have hated it if my parents got my ears pierced as a baby and I couldn’t remember it.
    I’ll let my kid be old enough to choose whether or not they want to go through the pain. That way they will know what’s going on and be able to remember the experience.

  49. Haha I didn’t realize where they were at first. I laughed at the purses/sandals in the background. >.<

  50. Having your child pierced in such an environment with such an unclean process is child neglect and abuse (but I’m pro child abuse, not a fan of little buggers). I sincerely hope the kid gets an infection and dies and the people involved (parents, piercer, shop owners, etc) all go to prison and die equally ignoble deaths.

  51. the pic makes it look far worse than it is.
    if jews can circumcise their kids wtf is wrong with this kinda thing?
    either way each to their own as is the mantra of bme.

  52. lizardman – saying you’re pro child abuse is ridiculously inappropriate, even in the context of a facetious comment.

  53. I think that this is a bad idea. I didn’t have my earlobes pierced until I was 13 because my mother said my baby ears were too perfect to put jewelry in (regarding the “cute” argument). Aesthetic reasons aside, I think that if the person being modded didn’t choose the mod themselves, then it’s wrong.

  54. I think that anyone that thinks that Vinyl-food grade gloves are acceptable for procedures is clearly stating how ignorant they are of proper technique.


  56. #55 HIV does not die as soon as it leaves the body. It is transfered by bodily fluids, like blood, which does get on piercing guns. And since there is no way to properly sterilize the gun after each use, viruses like HIV and Hepatitis can be transfered that way. Here, and here are articles stating such. Or, if you have a laboratory or blood borne pathogens background you won’t need any extra explanations.

  57. Calm down, it’s a cultural thing not child abuse, I know hundreds of people who had it done. Although, they usually do it in the hospital after birth, rather than at a parlor, but whatever.

    As for guns vs. needles, obviously needles are better, but I personally have 10 ear piercings (both lobe and cartilage) that were all done with a gun and they turned out peachy with absolutely no damage to my ears.

  58. my main issue is that the ears aren’t fully-grown, and they could end up looking lopsided when the baby is an adult.

    that aside… when i have kids, i will never let them be pierced with a gun. i’d rather do it myself.

  59. Ersalot- MRSA is in fact considered a virus! I think we are misunderstanding each other though. We seem to be on the same side:)

  60. Ersalot- Sorry! Maybe I was wrong. I see it referred to as a virus but I guess it isn’t! Shit, I don’t know. But I do know that it is something that is very serious and can be spread in the environment we are talking about! But like I said before, we are on the same side! No hard feelings? :)

  61. MRSA = Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    It’s a bacteria, not a virus. They are totally different and no one with any medical training at all would consider a bacteria a virus.

  62. i shall say it again very simply – wait until they are old enough to ask…my friend had her ears pierced when she was 4 months old, when she was 10 she took them out and has never worn them since – simply because she was never asked if she wanted it.

    moving on i personally wish to bitch slap the mother that did that to their child. if i had children i would hate to see them in any pain and it breaks my heart to see that baby screaming, i wanna reach into the picture and comfort the poor thing.

  63. It’s a baby..yeah it’s horrible…but they will never remember it..they may cry for a while afterward…but they won’t remember it in the long run..
    I had my ears pierced in when I was just a little baby and when I was 11 or 12 I decided that I wanted second lobe piercings…I cried before I got them done because I didn’t know if they were going to hurt or not…Because I had absolutely no memory of the first set…And once the first one was done it didn’t hurt and everything was okey..
    So yeah you could wait…but it’s not really going to hurt you baby if you get it done when they are very young..they won’t remember it and if they don’t want the piercings…they don’t want them…two tiny holes in the ear is probably going to be the least of their worries once they get older…

  64. Wrong thats wat I think, little baby who can’t even talk yet shouldn’t be getting pierced

  65. Anyone that is complaining about the pain, anyone over 10 shouldn’t cry, Ear piercings don’t really hurt lobes are soft, fatty blood vessel filled things they heal extremely quickly and with minimal complications this can be done at anytime That the person is fully capable of practicing proper hygene and is able to stand and shower while in the healing process i’m just trying to comprehend how you’re suspose to keep them properly cleaned in the traditional bathing scenario for babies, yes i was afraid to get my ears pierced at 17, but seriously it was nothing.

  66. I can understand from the culture point of view, although I can’t really comment as I do not know WHY this baby got pierced, I would like to know the answer from the parent! I think it’s way too young, I begged for my ears to be pierced for over a year and got them done when I was 7 years old, it was with a gun as my parents wouldn’t know any better (and still wouldn’t) and they healed well, and luckily for me had a good placement. I see so many kids at school with gun pierced lobes and many also have weird placements, like right on the edge of the lobe or just wonky…I can’t see how you could get away with that!

  67. Squirrelgirl:
    MRSA is a nasty bacterium (as called already, Streptococcus aureus, the typical wound infecting bacteria causing pus and abscess formation, often colonizing skin / muzcous skin permanently without any symptom).
    So…. Not too nasty, if you are healthy (your immune systeme will win, after a while), but if not – the bad thing with that germ is, that it is resistant against almost everything our medicine has in the drawer to fight back bacterial infection. With MRSA you’re literarely back in the “good old times” before antibiotics were developed.
    If not can happen, if you need intensive medicine, massive surgery and so on. Up to 50% of intensive medical patients in US faces meanwhile infection with MSRA (in the time after surgery, before healing is done, while the body is weak, the germ attacks).

    Insterile piercings may (will?) lead to infections with Staphylococcus species (one of them are Streptococcus sp.). Pus formation is a good hint.
    In case of MRSA the germ will find niches in the skin but outside the body (or in the mucous skin of the nose) and wait…. If you’re weak it comes back…

  68. My children – when I have them – will be able to choose to get pierced, once they are old enough and responsible enough to take care of it themselves. Not that I would ever deny help, just they need to be able to maintain it on their own.

  69. It’s fairly normal where I come from. Though not on babies, my parents got my ears pierced when I was 4 years old, cause grandma brought earings for my birthday. Ears are pretty common, I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t have them pierced.

  70. Stormchaser – I contracted MRSA during a lengthy hospital stay a few years back, it was pretty scary as I’m immune compromised and it was during the time that you couldn’t open a newspaper or watch the news without hearing horror stories.

  71. All these fuckers bold enough to say shit online! How many of you are registered with APP? Or even have gone to the extent of getting your ears pierced without a gun?

    P.S. Fuck you pending!

  72. “seeing my child in obvious distress, whether it be through physical pain, emotional stress or otherwise, would definitely lead me to reassess any decision that caused that distress”…..what if your baby or kid had to get a shot at the doctor….

  73. I got pierced at 6 months old.
    They did it wonky.
    I’m stuck with wonky ear piercings now.

    I would have rather my parents waited at least until I was old enough to talk…
    Or go to a decent piercer who would align them properly!

  74. pending – my comment was completely serious, every word of it.

    Max – There is a clear operative difference between a necessary medical procedure and the ornamentation of your baby

  75. I had my ears pierced at 3 weeks old with a gun and as my ears grew the holes got lower and lower. I want to stretch but cant use the original holes so have to let them heal up and get them pierced higher, it sucks and my point is that it could end up hindering what the child wants to do with her ears in the future

  76. culture culture culture
    yes, culture
    we can all agree that guns are in most cases not the best option
    and we can all agree everyone is not as educated on the subject (obviously!)
    our subculture (moddies, I’m talkin’ to you) creates some education for us
    not all are so lucky

    should you pierce the ears of a baby?
    why not?
    should you circumcise your son?
    good question.

    Ear gun studs are painful and sharp, get hoops and a needle. We are not talking about removing part of the babies body, or structurally modifying it.
    If you want to get all churned up about something serious regarding baby mods, forget ear piercing. Cutting things off babies is what we should be angered and disgusted by.

    This poor woman in the photo is obviously not aware of the potential danger, she is worthy of our pity for the unenlightened, but she commits no grave injustice to her child by choosing a piercing. We know nothing of her, her cultural views or motivations.

    Her baby is clean and well dressed, as is she. It is safe to assume her is not trying to be cruel or hurt her child. So forgive her choice in location, and judge her as you would wish to be judged, with understanding and an open mind.

  77. It’s easy to say, “I would never do this to my child. This is cruel.”

    The matter is that a majority of people that have their children pierced at such a young age are within the Hispanic culture. We all have our own beliefs, which is what makes the world beautiful(and sometimes ugly.) Just because so many of us are against this and feel it is cruel doesn’t mean it will ever stop a mother from doing what she feels is “the right thing” for her child. As a person previously stated, someone’s mother even had them pierced with a sewing needle because people refused to pierce her child. Like it or not, this is just another socially acceptable form of assigning children to their gender role – unfortunately it probably will never change and if it does it will not be within our lifetime. I personally am highly against this, but my words will change nothing.

    Instead of deciding if this is right or wrong, there should be a discussion/action on banishment of these piercing guns and leaving this to the professionals who went through years of apprenticeship rather than a 17 year old girl that only read a manual.

  78. what the fuck is that shitty man and shitty girl doing to that kid..

    while they are at it they should split his tounge and tattoo his forehead…im obviously joking

  79. Here in south Texas it’s extremely common for Hispanics to pierce tiny babies ears both female and male. Except it’s not done at a studio with a needle but in a mall with a gun.
    I’m not passing judgement either way but the needle is the lesser of two evils, I guess.

  80. Parents in the US have the right to reject child immunizations. Really. But everyone gets more upset over ear piercing because a child “doesn’t know what’s happening to it”. Yeah, and not getting immunized for serious childhood disease, well, the little ones don’t understand about that either. But it’s done and it’s legal.
    Parents can also refuse blood transfusions for their child.
    Much more of a health/ethical issue than an earring don’t you think?

  81. #98: Dagon:

    Cultural tradition has everything to do with it!
    This is why is is not “wrong” in some cultures

    Cultural tradition is why some here “think” it is wrong

    culture and tradition mandates what is socially “wrong”

    whats “right” for me is “wrong” for you

  82. OK, so I wouldn’t do this to my kid. My daughter has started asking, and she’s 8, and I’m still not letting her. I got my lobes done when I was 14 – after much begging – by a gun somewhere. Followed by several weeks of infection…which may or may not be related.

    Point is, I wasn’t old enough to understand the aftercare required – even if it was ever explained to me or my Mum properly (my Mum was and still is totally clueless about such things). Having said that, they did heal, and are still there 21 years later, and I can happily go weeks without wearing jewellery without them healing up. All my subsequent piercings have been done “properly” by needles and professionals, and I’ve had way less grief with ‘em.

    It’s not just the piercing itself though. Playgrounds can be rough places at the best of times – without adding earrings that can be ripped out. Kids are supposed to play in the dirt – good for the immune system etc – but not so good for piercings.

    I just find it hard to understand the justification for doing this to your child. That is not a happy face you’re seeing there… I will let my daughter have hers done – properly by someone I trust – when she’s old enough to really know what she wants, and to understand the consequences of that. Including the pain!

  83. britishinvasion, i’m sure that if you feel the back of the cartilage piercings there will be bits of raised tissue or cartilage? That’s the cracked cartilage.

    And if your ears healed fine to a gunned cartilage, i’m sure they’d heal even better to a needled cartilage.

  84. For all the cultural relativists defending this on the basis of it being considered ok in some cultures, the usual ‘food for thought’ rejoinder is to ask if it is them ok to do any number of horrible things just because some culture at some time didn’t object to them – by this basis rape and murder can become ok. Yes, cultural relativity is good at showing how many ideas and ethics are dependent upon a prevailing societal opinion but you don’t stop there, the next step is to realize that any good ethical system will then be based upon trans-cultural prinicples such as doing no undeserved harm (‘undeserved harm’ is how evil is often defined for terms of ethical discussion). When a cultural practice violates such principles it can very rightly be said to be wrong.

    Now, to be productive please turn your discussion towards arguing whether or not having your incapable of consenting baby pierced in an unhygenic, unprofessional manner constitutes undeserved harm (and/or unacceptable risk thereof)

  85. i was circumcised as an infant, i obviously didnt have any say in it, so i don’t see much of a difference or am i wrong in this comparison

  86. my point is, and no one has pointed this out, is that: is it just me, or is that a little low and to the left?
    people have pointed out the distress the kid is under. believe me, thirtysomething soccer moms are worse. at least babies don’t try to argue that it’s possible to use even tinier jewelry on an initial nostril piercing.
    i have no beef with people piercing their infants. i won’t do it, but it’s because i hate kids. just get them done IN THE RIGHT SPOT for fuck’s sake. but when people like me say no, they wind up at the mall.

  87. I dont know if this has been said or not BUT, the pain lasts a fraction of a second on the initial piercing. What is the difference between that and getting immunized at the doctor? I hate watching little ones get their shots let alone babies getting ears peirced. thats my two cents on that part…

    I personally wouldnt pierce my daughters ears till she was old enough to ask for it and i knew she understood it would be kinda owwie for a little while… but yeah, I think its more of a personal conviction and choice of the parent to decide if they are going to wait till an age of understanding or doing it without consent.

  88. Ear piercing on children is up there with circumcision – don’t do it. It’s their body, leave it to them to make a choice to modify it when they’re of an age to make an informed decision. Ear piercing < < < genital modification in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still not right.

  89. i see nothing wrong with it after all peeps circumsize some kids that don’t have a choice so i think ear piercing is way less tramatic than that if the kid don’t like it she can always decide to take it out when she gets older that simple

  90. ALSO… i would like to comment on the “culture and open-mindedness” of modblog. if she were african and stabbing a massive bone through her child’s lip it would be “OOOH THAT IS THEIR CULTURE.” or cutting her daughter’s clit off. oh… wait i forgot white people can’t get away with doing things like that.

  91. and… 105… you just rambled and said almost nothing coherent. intelligent words thrown together in an artistic witty order does nothing. get over your life.

  92. i dont really have a problem w/ babies getting an ear piercing, but i dont like that it is a “piercing gun”…i think it would be better if it was a professional piercer doin it…just my opinion tho…

  93. well, if babies should not get pierced what about male circumcision of babies? at least ear piercings are reversible. as for the pain and sad baby faces, i want you to think of your most painful moment. you remember it was painful, but you can’t remember the level of pain. you cant remember the first 2 years of your life nor the amount of pain of any painful memory, i doubt you’d remember you ears being pierced.

  94. i wish my mom had pierced my ears when i was a baby. i didnt get them done till i was 12 and i messed with them and they got all infect =(
    i think i would wait till they were 2 or so and actually knew what was going on and i dont think i would take them to a loud, scary shop. i’ld have a friend come over and do it.
    i would want what i had to go thru happen to my kids

  95. bt – go take ethics 101 and then try reading again for comphrehension. That post doesn’t ramble and is perfectly coherent – it is, in fact, taken from the standard syllabus of introductory discussions of ethics (a subject I once taught) which almost always reach the cultural relativism point very quickly and then stall – not unlike internet comment threads.

  96. I don’t know why people keep linking this back to female circumcision in African cultures, or FGM, female genital mutilation.

    Anthropologists and anthropological theorists have spent years and years arguing over whether a strictly observant stance should be taken on FGM.

    Should anthropologists strictly document this practice and say nothing (bar their opinion once they’re writing it up in an ethnography), or should they say something about the brutality of the practice (you can’t argue it’s not brutal) to the people doing the “ritual”, should they try to educate the people about the pain a woman goes through once they’ve been infibulated, or the dirty rusty blunt razors used?

    Cultural relativism is a wonderful thing in my opinion, it’s a great tool for understanding why things were/are done in a particular place at a particular time. But there are times when harm is being done to someone, like a child without the ability to consent, that you’ve just gotta step the fuck up and say something.

    That’s a trendy fuckin’ store with cheap shit in the background. It’s a piercing gun for fucks sake. That child could’ve been pierced later in life in a much better way with their fuckin’ consent.

    The bitch has a crappy lil tattoo too, so she probably thinks she’s doing something great by giving her kid the gift of modification. It’s disgusting.

  97. Can I just say that I love reading peoples comments on controvercial posts like this one. Keep arguing, its really interesting. If it goes this way, this post might outdo the first skullboy post in terms of comments!

  98. Excellent post from the lizardman. Tradition and culture can tell us whether something is considered right or wrong in that society but it doesn’t tell us whether it is MORALLY right or wrong (There is philosophical discussion on this but it would take a bit long to go into it here)

    For those of you saying the baby won’t remember the piercing and that makes it ok. Does that mean date rape with a drug that makes you forget the is experience ok?

    Obviously I’m objecting to the practice, since there is no benefit to the child and the chance for infection, bad placement etc. is unacceptable.

    And finally for those pointing out infant male circumcision, I’d say that is even worse than this and should not be practiced either, given that it causes severe discomfort, serves no medical purpose, and could cause problems for the child in the future (especially in areas where circumcision is not the norm, I know guys who have been teased because they were forcibly circumcised at birth)

  99. I actually have a friend of mine with a baby that was advised by her physician to have her baby’s ears pierced at only 6 months old. His reasoning? They are less likely to “play” with them and get them infected by touching. I, personally, think this is ridiculous. But my friend went through with it anyway and had her baby’s ears pierced. Guess what? They got infected.

  100. It really bothers me to see other mothers doing this to their children . It’s pretty easy to tell the baby is in pain. Doesn’t matter if it’s emotion, physical or both. I could NEVER do something like this to my daughter. She’s 3 and has started to ask about getting her ears pierced. As her mother I know that she isn’t ready for it (not to say that some 3y.o. aren’t). When you are someones parent you are suppose to look out for their well being and health.
    Also my mom is Mexican. I got my ears pierced when I was a day old. With a sewing needle no less. Harmful pointless cultural practices need to end. Tradition is no reason to carry on something like this.

  101. #111: What is different between an infant getting their earlobes gunned at Claires and an infant getting immunizations at the doctor? Are you fucking joking?

    For starters, piercing an infant’s earlobes is purely cosmetic and serves no function except to make the mother proud of her “pretty widdle bubby”. Immunizations prevent life threatening illnesses such as petussis.

    Secondly, getting immunizations at the doctor doesn’t expose the infant to the blood-borne pathogens of people who have been pierced before them with that gun.

    I can’t even -believe- you said there is no difference between the two.

  102. i got my ears pierced when i was 8 in a chemists, i guess that was a slightly better option? they were done with a gun, didn’t hurt and i didn’t get infected.

    the baby is just shitting itself because it doesn’t know whats going on. we all get injections when we are babies, which is a needle entering our skin. same as a piercing. personally i would say injections are more painful than piercings.

  103. That picture breaks my heart. I love piercings myself and have quiet a few. However, I do not think it’s okay to pierce a baby. They should be able to decide for themselves and understand what is going to happen and how to take care of them when finished. That just looks cruel regardless of what minimal pain that baby may be in. I have three kids myself and I cried every time they had to get shots! Poor baby

  104. As someone who occasionally pierces infants, I figure I will chime in.

    I fucking HATE piercing wee ones. I do everything in my power to explain to the parent why it’s NOT a great idea (poor placement as the child grows, the hissy fit that will occur, the risk of infection or losing the jewelry, etc..), but some parents are adamant that it be done, either for cultural or religious significance.
    In that aspect, where the parent is going to have the piercing done, come hell or high water, then I feel that I am doing the child a favor by offering a clean, precise procedure in a clean and safe environment.

    Do I hate the screaming and the fussing and the trauma that goes along with it? YES!!
    But would I rather see that little shitter get pierced by a professional like myself, or by some jack-ass at the mall..
    that takes no thought.

    Yeah, I think parents that do this to their kids so they look like girls are assholes. Stick a bow on the kids head for fuck sake..
    but with cultural and religious stuff.. that’s the way it is, and better it be done safely in a professional studio than in a Claire’s like the photo up there.

  105. “the pic makes it look far worse than it is.
    if jews can circumcise their kids wtf is wrong with this kinda thing?
    either way each to their own as is the mantra of bme.” -mariess

    I laughed out loud when i read this!
    It’s not just “jews” who circumcise their children. It’s a wide array of people. Really.

    My opinion is that kids don’t need to have ANY body part pierced unless they’re old enough to ask for it. Despite having circumcised my son, I don’t think it’s a necessary action.
    Seeing babies with earrings just creeps me out. They can’t take them out when it gets infected, or scratch them when they itch. They can’t communicate that the rings are uncomfortable. There’s just no good reason to have it done so young.
    That’s all personal opinion though.

  106. Also I very much regret that my father had me circumcised at birth, even though foreskins are disgusting I just wish it had been up to me

  107. I just thought I’d drop the circ-bomb on the discussion. I’m 24, circumcised at a few years old due to a medical condition that at the time required circumcision. It’s not the norm here in New Zealand and I was teased ONCE from what I remember, when some dumb kid (who has since grown up to go to prison numerous times) told me I couldn’t have children.

    I was ashamed of my dick, and it caused problems only in as much as I didn’t pursue women until age 19. But when I finally got over it and realised there wasn’t anything wrong with my meatrocket, I put that shit to good use, haha.

    I haven’t had any physical problems with being circumcised. And kids get teased all the time for myriad reasons so you shouldn’t use teasing as a reason not to do it. In my case it wasn’t cultural, and I agree the decision should be left up to the individual at such time as they can make a fully informed consenting decision, but I don’t think you can say “given that it causes severe discomfort, serves no medical purpose, and could cause problems for the child in the future (especially in areas where circumcision is not the norm, I know guys who have been teased because they were forcibly circumcised at birth)”

    Because in the first instance it served a medical purpose for me, though I realise that they probably don’t need to do it in those instances any longer (medicne having obviously progressed in the past 21-22 years)

  108. Anthony…

    The same prepared-for-the-pain-of-life reasoning is used by parents who are in fact assholes to justify their cruelty. I believe from personal experience that such “justified cruelty” is neither effective or justified. It simply strains relationships without equiping one with the assertiveness to deal with the pain and assholes in the future.

    Furthermore, the end does not justify the means. Cruelty to a child because it might help the child is still cruelty to a child.

  109. This made me cry.

    My mom had my ears pierced when I was 3 I believe, I had asked to get them done so I don’t blame her. But she brought me to a hair salon type place where they pierced me with a gun and the wonkiness, along with the scar tissue, and the low placement of the holes has made stretching my ears very frustrating.

    I am pregnant right now and will not be getting my girl’s ears pierced until she is old enough to understand it and ask me for them herself. My hubby has the same opinion. (Although we joke that she’ll never want them done to rebel against us. Haha!)

  110. holding a child still is wrong. if the child can ask for it then you should be able to do it.

  111. ***FUCK THIS***

    Just look at that babies face, very clearly unhappy!!! I had my ear first pierced with a gun when I was 6/7 after asking my mother, that was like ’92.

  112. This makes me sick. Piercing a baby or toddler’s ears is just so fucking wrong, they didn’t give consent so it shouldn’t be allowed. Unless the child is old enough and asks to have their ears pierced themselves do I consider it to be ok.

  113. i recall once reading “awwww how cute!” comments (i’m sure they were on bme/modblog) with regards to pictures of modified tribe kids… wish i could remember where i found them.

  114. when i was 5 years old and my uncle tried to pierce my ears in his kitchen with a gun that my mom had bought.
    my cousin and i were both getting it done and i was forced to go first and the gun got stuck half way through my ear, it was fucking horrible, for years i was too scared to try to have it done again.

  115. I definitely wish that all parents wouldn’t take their girls to get their ears pierced at such a young age. My sister took her daughter to get her ears done so everyone would stop calling my niece a boy. to that reason, I can understand why they would want to do it, but at least get it done at a professional and well respected shop instead of a claire’s. At least my sister waited until my niece was almost two to get her ears done. but to each their own.

  116. I do not think anyone who can not say ” I want my ears pierced” should be pierced. period. No babies, no toddlers, nothing.
    I however have no say in this since i pierce ears for a living.
    I was like, everyone else who has piercings very anti the piercing gun!
    But after actually working with the gun. I am less anti the gun. It is better to get pierced with a needle but the earrings are closed in a sterile package. The only part that touches the actual ear is sealed in till it is needed.
    The training program where i work involves at least a 2 month training program. Again, this is only in the case of where i work. The problem with getting a piercing at the mall is you may get someone who cares and makes sure everything is done by the book (Aka me) or you may get the person who doesn’t give a fuck and will do whatever it takes to hurry up and get you out of there.
    Basically you pay for what you get.

  117. Your so right!

    “look at the kids face!!! The child does not understand what is going on, and really doesnt like it…. This sort of practise should be illegal, and the mother should be shot!!!”

  118. I don’t feel as sorry for the baby as I do anyone in the vicinity who has to listen to it. Just by the look on its face and the color it turned, I can tell that thing is about on par with an icepick to the ear drum.

  119. I’m sure the baby cries just as hard when it’s undressed at bathtime.

    Get over your smug “moral” stance. Humans have been piercing, scarring, and stretching our children for hundreds, or better yet, thousands, of years.

    Protecting your child against perceived “trauma” doesn’t make you a good parent. I’d hate to see the simpering idiots most of you would end up raising…

    It’s common these days that parents are going to greater and greater lengths to make sure that their little snot doesn’t have to deal with any pain or difficulty in their life, leaving them ill-equipped as adults to care for themselves. Our species is breeding a wave of future simpering morons who end up as coddled, helpless adult children (or perhaps President).

    Anyways, my daughter’s ears were pierced, in the studio, at 4 months. They healed beautifully, because I cleaned them nightly, and she didn’t play with them. She didn’t even know she had ears, let alone pierced ears.

    Now she’s 7, and she absolutely loves wearing different earrings and such. If she felt otherwise, she could certainly take them out. As far as she’s concerned, however, her ears have always been pierced, and they always will. I don’t regret it in the least, and I know for a fact after talking to her that my daughter doesn’t resent it or wish that I hadn’t taken her to get it done as a baby.

  120. wazzup… it’s me and i am the father to this beautiful lil girl and finace’ to this beautiful lady.. i am also a piercer at a shop here in town… it was a fairly tough descision to let her get her ears pierced this young… i figured she wont remember the pain factor of it later… if she doesn’t want them later i will have no problem letting her take them out… as far as when she got pierced i was there and made sure evrything was sterile and new… as far as the jewelery, i ordered it out of a jewelery catalog that i order the shops jewelery from… i sterilized it and brought it to them in the sterilization packs… i myself watched as she pierced and marked it to make sure they were center… as far as aftercare… we used h2ocean… if it will work for mine it will work for hers… they healed nicely and doesn’t have a problem with pulling on them or anything else since she is used to them by now… and most of all i totally agree that circumsicion and baptism is a thousand times worse… pure brutality….

  121. by the way that was after she had the second one done… the first one had no tearful response what so ever and within minutes of this one she was fine… thanx …

  122. and lastly… imagine how difficult the follow through would be and a 4 month old… i honestly thought that it would be a lot more difficult.. i apologize if i was wrong and some one else could have done a better job for my daughter than her own father…

    Roo… remind me to ask for mod blogs approval any time i make a descicion in life concerning my parenting choices…

  123. I was very young when I had my ears pierced… I was also very young when I got my first immunisation shots. I remember crying and feeling traumatised with the shots. I don’t remember the ear piercing AT ALL. True that this is for fashion and not for health, but I think a lot of you are over-reacting AND at the same time calling MY mother brutal and saying she should be shot for “mutilating” me. When in actual fact she is awesome. So STFU.

  124. wes – you don’t need modblog approval before making parenting decisions, obviously. but your parenting choices are up for debate in this public forum whether you like it or not (if you didn’t want people to comment on your babies obvious distress in the photo, then why have this photo anywhere on the internet where it can be shown on a public forum like this anyway??).

    in my opinion, no matter if the reason is cultural or asthetics, penetrating the skin of a BABY at this age for any reason other than for medical reasons that will improve a child’s health (ie. immunisations) is child abuse and mutilation. It stops being child abuse and mutilation when a child is at the age of being able to make an informed and mature decision to have their own body modified.

    You may not agree with that, but you don’t have to – as I said, it was just my opinion.

  125. Culture, religion, whatever, none of that changes the fact that the poor child is being pierced against his will, with no understanding of what is going on and it is causing it unnecessary distress.

  126. i’m sick of people saying that just because other cultures do these things that it’s ok for us to do them. other cultures also canibalize and kill each other. does that mean we should? i’d kick my mom in the cunt if she had pierced me as a baby! that was MY choice.

  127. is that a piercing gun…..sigh considering those things are never ever cleaned, at least there’s a 90% chance it will get infected and they’ll have to be taken out so maybe she can take her child to a real place, OR as crazy as this sounds, wait till the child can make up its on mind to get pierced. Granted the woman took the kid here in the first place i m sure she’d probably just take the child back to claire’s/icing but not after she got her belly button pierced there with that thing…i am very positive that the person seen doing it there is paid well at minimum wage and probably hasn’t even gotten out of the 10th grade…le sigh =/

  128. hi everyone…im the horrible mother who did this to her child…..and yes i took her to icings in my local mall…i myself watched as everything including the gun was opened from bran new. i would have had my husband who is a piercer at at a local shop do it, but its kinda hard to get a 4 month old to old still for a needle piercing, also i was not going to pierce my child with a 14 gauge….. ill have you know as far as consent goes.. IM her MOTHER….———– this picture is taken after the second ear was done and about two minutes after that she wasnt crying at all and had forgotten all about it…and was ready to go ride the can judge me if you like and say i should be shot and blah blah blah…but it was my decision and i dont regret it,her ears healed just fine and she never messed with them or had any problems what so ever..soooo you can have your opinions….thats fine but the comments made of my parenting skills are outlandish and unfair…..

  129. get over it wes and jen. you wouldn’t have submitted this picture to modblog if you didn’t want to start shit. i’m pretty sure that a picture of a screaming child being pierced doesn’t sit well with the general public.

  130. ummmm….trying to prevent illness is just as much of a cultural ritual as anything else….including very different methods amongst different cultures…many of which are very painful….duhhh!!….

  131. Just felt like adding a little fuel to the fire of debate. When I was three I *insisted* upon having my ears pierced, my mother made me think about it for 2 months, then if I still wanted to go ahead she would let me (I did)
    I cried and yelped, but I was also so proud of myself and so happy with my pierced ears. How old is old enough to consent? Did my mother do a terrible thing by allowing her three year old daughter get her ears pierced?

  132. i dont really think it matters either way, ive never heard of anyone growing up an hating life cause they had there ears pierced young :S plus the kid wont remember the pain 5 minutes after the piercings done. plus little girls have been getting there ears pierced at 6 months or a year old or whatever for years, probably before any of us were born, No biggy really, kids bounch back from pain easy,

  133. Lizardman, Your obviously insane and need to be sectioned. If you supply your address I will gladly make the phone call.
    I’m not a big fan of children myself, but to hope this one gets an infection and dies.

    Exactly what kind of human being are you?

  134. i live in spain and baby girls have their ears pierced a few days after there born… its culture and people would think you where strange if you didnt have it done

  135. actually candice i innocently sent this picture i had know idea that it would cause such an uproar…but its fine.. i dont have to get over anything …you need to get over thinking that you know what your talkin about when you dont …soooo why dont you stick to the subject …

    p.s….sounds like your the one you wants to start shit…thanx

  136. Ohhhh snap!….is Jen for real….

    “i would have had my husband who is a piercer at at a local shop do it, but its kinda hard to get a 4 month old to old still for a needle piercing, also i was not going to pierce my child with a 14 gauge…..”

  137. Although I do no necessarily agree with gun piercings, I really don’t think every person who gets a mall piercing is going to get infected.

    No, Claire’s and Icing and Afterthoughts do not have access to autoclaves or sincere sterilization facilities, but it isn’t like they’re rubbing the equipment in the trash and then piercing babies.

    I’ve worked at a Claire’s for over two years now, and I’ve never had anyone come in or call the store with an issue, or sue us for mutilating their body, giving them a disease, etc.

    I hate piercing babies, or anyone who isn’t the one making the decision to be pierced.
    Mothers pierce their little babies, who bawl (but really do get over it quickly), and then point to me and say “Look what the mean lady did to you!”
    I was doing my job.
    You’re the one who did that to your kid.

    I’m not going to endorse mall piercings, I personally wouldn’t get one, but I’m not going to sit here and say they’re the most disgusting things ever. Depending on the state and county you live in affects how even mall piercings are done because the health department has strict regulations and the stores have to abide by these things. Accessory stores like Claire’s and Icing and Afterthoughts that perform ear piercings are licensed and certified through the county health department, and that license should be visible. If it isn’t, that’s when I would start to worry.

    I do not agree with the ear piercing process performed at these places, but I really don’t think it’s THAT bad.

  138. In ten to fifteen years, said child will be reposting the photo on whatever the future equivalent of myspace or facebook or BME and saying “Look how hardcore I was back in 2008!”

    People need to get over themselves.

  139. It surley is a culture-thing and I don’t have any problem with the whole “I pierce my baby” deal but maaan do they HAVE to use a piercing-gun ? The piercing itself could be considerd a right of passage or something like that so that’s no biggie but if one should do it, DO IT RIIIGHT.

  140. It pisses me off so bad when I walk past a clairs and some baby is about to get their ears pierced, it makes me wanna deck whoevers holdin the gun

  141. oh snap!Max Brand yes i am for real …and?
    like i said candice i didnt instigate,sweety ….
    i simple sent in a picture
    thanx ridiculouse nick
    people get over yourselves

  142. yeah, but i still know enough to know that the child’s ears clearly aren’t done growing and the piercings could end up being lopsided. and also that it’s not very nice to do that to a baby. and that piercing guns can cause serious damage. and that piercing with a needle takes just as long as gun piercings (i don’t know why you think otherwise)… my mother was pierced young and now she had weird nies piercings (look them up in the photo gallery). hope that doesn’t happen to your baby.

    god you’re annoying. why would you even submit this to modblog. there’s nothing awesome about it.

  143. and?…..well Jen….I don’t know who your husband is, but I can’t imagine what kind of profesional piercer he is if 1. he can’t get a baby to hold still for a needle piercing…’s pretty easy…
    2. he would know to pierce a babies ears with some more suitable than a 14g needle, like maybe, 18g….duh
    3. he would let his baby get pierced at the mall…..

    “i would have had my husband who is a piercer at at a local shop do it, but its kinda hard to get a 4 month old to old still for a needle piercing, also i was not going to pierce my child with a 14 gauge…..”

  144. candice come on you are rifuckindiculous,theres no damage to her ears…why i have to keep repeating my self i guess u just dont know how to listen, or read in this case ….i never said this was an awesome pic its a memory for me and for your info i sent the others that follow it of her smiling…not that i have to explain myself to u or anyone
    max brand
    1 i would like to see the video or pics of you piercing a 4 month old with a needle
    2 i know about 18 gauge …duh,but the shop does not carry them on hand
    3 we made a family decision

    Candice your just an argumenitive bitch

  145. at least i’m good at it, your horrible woman.

    your arguments are based off of… me not knowing the difference between what is right and wrong to do to a human being because i haven’t birthed one myself? give me a break. and how do you know there isn’t any damage? just cuz you can’t see…

    whatever. just wait til she grows up and has awful, lopsided ear piercings. maybe you should start stretching them to make it less noticable. that’d be pretty awesome actually… and modblog worthy

    p.s. there aren’t videos of people piercing babies with needles because if you’re retarded enough to pierce an infant you’re probably retarded enough to use a gun

  146. sounds baller

    i think septums on youngins could look very classy.. plus you have the option of flipping it up, for a more casual baby look

  147. I am really sick of all the replies saying “yeah it’s awful but the baby won’t remember”. A baby that young probably wouldn’t remember having the **** beat out of them or being molested either.. And that doesn’t make it any better. I am in no way saying a small lobe piercing is on par with either one of those atrocities, before ya’ll jump on me. But it’s just an absurd argument.

    As far as the ‘she probably would have it done later’ anyway. Maybe, maybe not. I know a lot of female friends w/o pierced lobes. And if she did want it done, how wonderful as a treat as a young girl to save up her money, be taught about responsible piercings practices and picking out some really cool jewelry at her local clean shop. Not some awful screaming experience in the middle of a mall store.

    Just because something is part of someone’s culture does not make it right. Genital mutilation is pretty f’ed up, and I think it should be illegal. If YOU personally agree with your culture/religion at a certain age and want to have it done because you believe in it, great. I’m sure there will be tons of 18 year old boys and girls who ‘believe’ in it lining up to have their genitals made so they provide less sensation.

  148. Jen –

    I AM a mother, so will you listen to me?

    You claim your husband or boyfriend or whatever is a piercer, yet you chose not to have him do it in a safe, sterile environment because he couldn’t get the baby to “sit still” long enough. Also, you balked at piercing your child with a 14g and stated that you might have considered an 18g but the “shop didn’t carry it.” You apparently though had the foresight to order “sterile” jewelry from the company, autoclave it and bring it with you. Why didn’t you order some fucking 18g needles while you were at it and have your boyfriend do it? I have been pierced with both guns and needles and, honestly, they take the same amount of time. I also have a baby about the same age as yours (my son just turned 5 months old) and, because I am an attentive mother that knows the likes and dislikes of my child, I know how to calm him down and capture his attention. You obviously had to hold your daughter down to have the gun piercing done, why not hold her down a fraction of a second longer so she could have it done in a safe, sterile environment?

    Honestly, you freaking disgust me. All the excuses you gave for piercing your little girls’ ears like you did are complete and utter bullshit. Yes, the gun and jewelry may have been sterile (although I highly doubt that), but you still shuffled off the responsibility to a complete stranger with no training or knowledge of, well, anything relating to piercing in an unsterile environment. And why? So you could show all your little trailer trash friends how “cute” she looks?

    And what of when she gets a little older? She may not be able to play with them now, but really damn soon, she will and then those “cute” little earrings become a “cute” little choking hazard.

    To everyone else:

    Lizardman said almost everything else I was going to say.

    Just because it’s tradition in another culture does not absolve a practice from being wrong. There are cultures that regularly cut off the clitoris of little girls, stone women for so much as looking at another man and believe that sex with a young virgin will cure AIDS. Can we all honestly stand around in some sort of sentimental circle jerk saying that these horrific practices are somehow okay and acceptable because they’re part of someone’s “culture”?

    Causing a child pain, whether it be the “momentary” pain of an ear piercing (which is not really momentary at all…I got my ears pierced with a gun at age 7 and I remember that shit hurting for at least a week), or what can turn out to be the lifelong pain from something like FGM, is never okay.

    And, for the record, no, my son is not circumcised. If he wants to get it done, he can do it when he is 18.

  149. Gracefire: I agree with you 100%.

    I’m also a mother to a 3 y/o boy whom we chose not to circumcise. Both my partner and I work in the body modification industry and felt that making such a decision to circumcise or pierce our baby’s ears would be instigated by nothing other than mere North American aesthetics.

    I’m absolutely sickened by the amount of mothers that parade their child around as if in a fashion show. Children are NOT an accessory and are NOT to be accessorized for the benefit of the parents.

  150. Well said, Gracefire!

    Fuck off, Jen. Your boyfriend is quite clearly a hack piercer, and what kind of -mother- does this to their child, seriously? You’re both disgusting.

  151. “Should anthropologists strictly document this practice and say nothing (bar their opinion once they’re writing it up in an ethnography), or should they say something about the brutality of the practice (you can’t argue it’s not brutal) to the people doing the “ritual”, should they try to educate the people about the pain a woman goes through once they’ve been infibulated, or the dirty rusty blunt razors used?”

    Difficulty is, for the most part the practice is performed by women on girls. You imagine that those women haven’t been through exactly the same as they perform? As far as I’m concerned that only makes the whole affair -more- horrifying, but the notion of its victims requiring “educating” by people who haven’t been through it about how bad it is sits poorly with me.

  152. Wow.. looks like a nice sanitary purse store.. exactly where I want my disease free baby to pick up their first infection! yay..


  153. #93- I do not agree with this situation and how the parents went about it, but why the hostility? I feel your attitude is uncalled for and what right do you have to treat the parents in such a way?

  154. i am soooo done wtih this …..194 you fuck off you dont know us just because you comment on a blog you think you know who we r,uhhhh not…..

  155. i feel bad for jen… submitting this picture has obviously brought her to the realization that she and her babydaddy are both complete idiots.

    i mean jen has obviously run out of any good defense or excuse so lay off, guys. the damage is done to both her and her child.

    hopefully she won’t do any piercings without her daughter’s consent.

  156. i feel bad for jen… submitting this picture has obviously brought her to the realization that she and her babydaddy are both complete idiots.

    i mean jen has obviously run out of any good defense or excuse so lay off, guys. the damage is done to both her and her child.

    hopefully she won’t do any piercings without her daughter’s consent.

  157. I am a mother and that picture brought tears into my eyes. I read all off your “defenses” jen and there is NO reason that would make me understand you and why you did that. Hurting your own child on purpose? Is it not our main priority to prevent our babies from harm and pain? It doesn’t matter if the pain just lasts for 1 second, its child abuse and you ARE a horrible mum letting her go through that pain just for boosting your ego!

    And candice why would you feel bad for Jen???? I feel bad for the little girl having to grow up with parents without any logical thinking or morals….

  158. i feel bad for her because she’s being torn to pieces on here… and because she’s retarded

  159. “What kind of mother are you blah blah? Horrible, horrible, you should be shot…”

    Hmm, maybe some of us should turn around and think about what kind of mother’s ours were for piercing our ears. Don’t know about you guys, but I had my lobes pierced when I was 8 months, cannot remember a thing. They are actually quite straight, not too low, had no trouble stretching them later on. I infact was so ecstatic over having them that I proceeded to get my second and third holes at 7 and 12 years old. And guess what, my mother is the greatest woman I know on this planet.

    When I had my first flu vaccination, it actually caused me to become sick. Also, I had an adverse reaction to the chicken pox vaccine, which failed to prevent me from getting the worst 4 week outbreak of the pox my doctor had ever seen. The “oh, but shoving a needle in your babies arm for the sake of preventing disease” argument is also flawed, at least relative to my circumstances.

    Do I think this woman is a horrible mother? No.
    I grew up with children whose mothers would lock them out of the house for hours with no food, drop 8 balls right in front of them, beat them, let them run around with dirty diapers and ragged clothes (or none at all), etc.

    Do I think it was a lapse in judgement on the part of the mother? Yes.
    With the gun becoming more widely known as more of a trauma-causing instrument to the skin, I don’t see how anyone with any knowledge of body mod would insist on using one, regardless of the reason. Whether or not the child was able to consent, in the end it will be up to that child whether or not it was a good decision and whether to keep them.

    As much as I know I am in the minority with this, I have to agree to an extent with Ridiculous Nickolus up there. These days it seems as though mommies might as well just seal their babies away in sterile padded bubbles. I say: Let them eat dirt!

  160. thanks 204 and no candice we are not idiots…….i have nothing else to say because shes my daughter and she is perfectly well…and as far as retarded goes you shouldnt talk about those kinda of peeps my mom teaches them and no im not special ed, have some respect! i dont need you to feel sorry for me hunny.
    202 i did not do this to boost my ego believe doll i didnt because its part of my culture and always has been
    ps candice there is no damage done to us hahahah your funny we are a perfectly normal family
    this is 2008!! and the conscent i am her conscent until she turns 18 period….also 202….my child goes through more pain getting her regulated shots…..duhhh
    god you people

  161. Eric Spraug (Lizardman) that is some crazy shit to say, I’ve met you m any times and you don’t come off as psycho as you do on BME. Chill out.

    Max you don’t even make any sense as usual. I love your comment just like when you said I was ugly to Brandon Bond after seeing me at a convention. Fuck you.

    I’m the owner of the shop that the “hack” piercer works at (who had nothing to do with the piercing). We all decided that it would be most ridiculous to hold Dahlia still for 4 minutes or longer, not to mention we are not going to put thin gauged CBRs in a BABIES’ earlobes to be torn out. How bout we circumcise some females like in Africa. You people are fucking ridiculous.

  162. oh and p.s. i didn’t mean consent from a legal standpoint i meant just generally your daughter agreeing to it.

    you fucking idiot.

  163. oh and also! jen! i hope my mom wouldn’t be doing crazy mods to me when i was 17 and saying “oh whatever i’m your consent so shut up and stop crying, bitch”

    oh and ozzy is stupid because needle piercings don’t take 4 minutes

    you are all so delightfully gaytarded

  164. hey ozzylynn….it’s not my fault your ugly…and that must have been a long time ago, so you obviously have some issues if you’re still thinkin aobut it. I’d love to know what part of my comment doesn’t make any sense….

  165. hahaha max ozzy is beautiful….
    now im white trash what a mature thing to say
    im sorry that i misspelled somthin oooppppss there i go again
    man you must have some bad child hood memories your mom told you to “stop crying,bitch,sorry your sooo insecure
    and on an infant ozzy is correct on the 4 mins doll, r u a piecer ??…..
    gooooooodddd this is hilarious

  166. i’ve been needle pierced and the marking and piercing on my lobes took about 2 minutes, including putting the jewelry in.

    my mother wouldn’t say or do anything like that to me, it was just an example… you can’t be the complete source of consent in your daughter’s life until she’s 18. she’s a human being. just because she can’t say no now… (which i’m sure she would, as fucking babies don’t really give a fuck about fashion)

    hilarious to who? you… or the several people who read your pathetic defenses and just laugh at you. because you are white trash. and generally really, really, really dumb.

  167. This Is So Sad.
    Why Would Someone Deliberately Put Their Child In That Kind Of Pain? Assholes.

    My Future Children Won’t Be Getting Piercings – Even Ears Until They Say They Want Them & They Can Look After Them Themselves.
    My Mum Was Furious When She Left Me With A Baby Sitter When I Was 1 Year Old & She Came To Pick Me Up Only To See I Had Pierced Ears. The Baby Sitter Got Them Done Cause She Thought I’d “Look So Cute”.

    The Stupid Thing About Getting Babies Ears Pierced Is That Their Ears Still Have A Lot To Grow. I’ve Got A Friend Who Is Now 20 & Had Her Ears Done When She Was 6 Months & Now They Are Lopsided.

  168. In my country (Chile), female babies get their ears pierced as soon as they are born. Of course, parents can refuse, but still, it’s a common practice… much too common, in my opinion.

  169. It Is Weird How Elizabubble Capitalizes The First Letter Of Each Word.
    I Don’t Get It.

  170. stupid Bitch”Candice”
    r u an infant …you kinda act like a toddler but thats beside the point
    your point of you getting a needle piercing, is not comparable to an infant getting a needle piercing
    and darlin ,i can have total consent of my daughters life until shes 18 thats a mothers job you idiot….
    i didnt pierce her ears because of “fashion” i got them done because of my personal beliefs…but i dont think you understand personal beliefs do you “bitch”
    and yes YOU are hilarious
    you must be white trash since you seem to like callin people that you dont even know,that must be the one thing your insecure about huh?>>
    you seem to be the dumb one Candice

  171. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! This poor, helpless baby dosen’t know at all what is going on, and couldn’t give her consent. I think the child should be old enough to understand and be able to ask for the piercings for themselves when they are ready. Kids this little can’t take proper care of the piercings either. Were these done with a gun or a needle? It really dosen’t matter though. Mom ( if that who the lady is) should have waited till the child asked for the piercings herself.

  172. its anything but gross…haha
    oh and im as fit as i fiddle
    i didnt know that you were the decision maker of who should have kids
    personaly your soo close minded i hope to god you cant have kids
    if you do,have kids that is theyll probably get so bored with you that theyll want to be emancipated by the time there 7
    sooo basically what im sayin is you suck at life

  173. getting your children pierced without their consent is not necessarily the equivalent to being an exciting mom.

    your argument is, once again, flawed.

    oh and your grammar blows. hope you don’t raise your kid to be retarded.

    you defff are not fit to be a mother.

  174. I believe there are some cultures where piercing the ears of girl infants is customary, right? I didn’t get my first holes till I was three, and at that age I was definitely enough to express a desire to have them (“mommy has pretty earrings, I want some too!”) so I don’t have a problem with that. But infancy…I’ve mostly seen it in certain cultures.

    I think it’s kinder to pierce VERY small children with guns, actually. Being messed about with by a stranger, as is taking place in this picture, is much more traumatic for a kid. Mine were done in a mall, with a gun of course, and I didn’t know that it hurt until it was already over! They had two people do it at the same time, 1-2-3-BOOM, and then mom said “you’re done!” Only THEN did I start to cry. Heh.

  175. once again….you really think i give 2 shits,whether you think im a fit mother or not ,cuz i dont
    and also i dont spell check every thing that a type as a comment ,nor do i spell everything correct and most of the time its cuz i dont want 2
    sooooo ill say it once again
    u suck at life

    ps your flawed ,not my arguments

  176. sorry, i am not able to take you seriously, given that your spelling, grammar, and parenting are so poor.

  177. sooo proper…….ahhhhhhahahahaha,i dont think i spelled that laugh quite’d have to hear it in person, most amusing

  178. sooo proper…….ahhhhhhahahahaha,i dont think i spelled that laugh quite’d have to hear it in person, most amusing

  179. There’s nothing wrong with piercing a kid’s ears when they’re babies
    I’m glad my mom did it to me… I had nicely healed holes while everyone was getting gunned at claire’s in 2nd grade
    I think if you’re gonna do it to your baby though you should do it at the doctors
    that’s where my parents brought me when I was 1 years old

  180. I got my ears pierced at six months.
    and i think because its something i have always had.
    its not something that i ever think, like God mom WHY ME!?!?!?
    I have since stretched my ears to bout 2 inches.
    but honestly i dont care that my mom did it young.
    and i never thought about takin em out.

  181. thanks katelyn
    im pretty sure my daughter will feel that way also
    if not she can take them out
    that easy

  182. My mother had my ears pierced when I was still a baby. I appreciate it so much. I hate having needles through me now and there are so many piercings I would like to have but I’m too scared of the pain. It took me months to be brave enough to get my smiley, and a couple years after that to get my christina. Because of this, I feel lucky my mum had it done to me when I was still a baby. That way she looked after them while they healed (instead of me. God, talking on the phone or brushing your hair and accidentally hitting your ear after you’ve just got an earring…. OUCH) and I don’t remember it and now I have them to stay. Also, they’ve been there so long that no matter how long I leave earrings out, the holes are still there, unlike my christina which I got a couple years ago but if I go a few days without my bar in, it hurts like hell to put it back.

  183. so… this is the father of the alleged battered and abused child… she just had her second birthday in march… she wears here ear rings occasionally… when she doesnt want them in, we dont force her to wear them… so… ta dah… all is well and no one died… so fuck off all you nay sayers… and eric (lizardman), please rid us of your stupidity and existence… thank you all…

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