13 thoughts on “Embrace the PAIN!

  1. reminds me of like comic book art with the thick outlining

    dont think the text style really matched the artwork though?

  2. Candice that’s the most common grip when deadlifting large amounts of weight.

    Awesome tattoo.

    CrimShuffle: Bodybuilding and body modification have an insane amount in common. The focus and desire to modify your body through bodybuilding to attain a different physique/appearance than you began with is an amazing journey. The same can be said for body modification. As someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, I can say I am more proud of my achievements in the gym than I am of those I’ve attained through body modification (although both hold the same meaning to me) because those achieved in the gym have taken a lot more time, effort, and personal motivation.

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