There Ain’t No Latin Lover Like Me

This portrait of Luis Guzman — “the Puerto Rican Christopher Walken” — was self-done by Luis Angel (IAM: distortedsmiles) in Flushing, Queens, NY. I cannot express how happy it makes me that this tattoo exists.

18 thoughts on “There Ain’t No Latin Lover Like Me

  1. fancy!

    hmmm, I use to know an angel… from ny… that does tattoos…

    wonder if this is the same guy? =P

  2. #1 this piece is one of my favs, and Im jealous..
    #2 being a tattoo artist I say its dope
    #3 Luis is moving to the same city as me… Cant wait

  3. @11, I think luis actually means ” to delouse ” in dutch
    on topic: great tattoo, could never have told it’s self-done.

  4. “….And thats the abraham lincoln, but remember, you gotta shave it so it looks like a beard”

    Although, I really like the “Sadistic” tattoo right below it

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