21 thoughts on “Do You Feel a Draft?

  1. Ugh please blur the Dick! Haha.
    Nearly spilt my coffee down my top xD
    There are things a lesbian like myself are not ready for on a friday afternoon Haha!
    Nice shirt though..

  2. Before the leg tattoos, I noticed the mandarin-style collar, which is unusual for a man’s shirt. Ah, I’ll be a fashion student someday. Great legs, though.

  3. seriously, don’t surf the internet in class. there’s a guy in one of my classes that does it and i’m constantly tempted to smack him in the forehead.

  4. I was really expecting a clickthru so I could examine the ink and see how far it goes up.

  5. I wish this photo was more about on his tattoos than his penis. Not that there’s anything wrong with his penis, but his tattoos are fucking fantastic.

  6. My first thought was “that poor fellow lost his banana hammock”

    I’m not sure why….

  7. Actually, on a radio station here in Victoria, the hosts have what they call “Pants off friday.”
    Fitting, eh?

  8. Great pick …. got a good chuckle when I first saw it ….ink is great .. what’s the PA at a 4 or a 2?

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