Three Thousand Years of Beautiful Tradition

We’ll confess that we have a very hard time saying no to John Goodman tattoos—especially when some enterprising individual (in this case, Vincent Leblanc at Traditional Tattoo in San Luis Obispo, California) decides to combine his legendary performance as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski with a goddamned zombie. Was Walter just not enough of a sociopath in the film that you had to give him an insatiable hunger for delicious brains, too? We approve, of course—Zombie Sobchak can get you a toe by three o’clock with the best of them. You may just have to extract it from his lower intestine.

Fire’s Focus

David writes in about his tattoo:

Several months ago, my beautiful friend Aly sent me this image via E-mail and followed up with several text messages demanding I check my E-mail right away. I did and was totally blown away by the image that was there—a photograph of this woman (that several people claim to believe was involved with Tawapa) sitting in front of me. I knew seconds later that she was going to be be tattooed on me. I went back to Daniel Jones (of Asylum Studios in Salem, Virginia) who had done another beautiful color portrait of another indigenous person and asked him to do it. He studied the image for about a month and we scheduled the tattoo for opening day of the 15th annual Greensboro (Little John), North Carolina, tattoo convention. Daniel felt challenged and nervous but confident. His focus and dedication to this tattoo were unmatched by anything I’d seen him do and it ended up winning him first-place color tattoo of the day! This whole experience has been awesome fore me and Daniel alike. Thanks got out to Aly, Daniel, the photographer who took the original picture and everyone at the Little John tattoo convention.

It’s excellent work, but this is certainly reminiscent of this post—another instance where the quality of the work was widely praised, but some readers felt uncomfortable with the idea of getting tattooed with a “random face,” for lack of a better term. On the other hand, though, is this all that different from getting a tattoo of a piece of (non-face) art with which you feel a deep connection?

Return the Salute

Good morning, ModBloggers! Hope this sunny first Monday of autumn finds you well. Let’s begin our week with a murderous zombie, identified by its wearer as “Bub” from George A. Romero’s 1985 romantic comedy Day of the Dead. “It may be corny,” she says, “but Bub is destined to win your heart over, and that is why I got him on me. Along with the fact that [Day of the Dead] is one of my favorite movies.” Hey, that’s good enough for us, folks. Really exquisite work here. And now…time for lunch.

(Tattoo by Brandon Bracamonte at Fallen Angel Tattoo in Sacramento, California.)

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David’s Portrait Bodysuit

With a lineup like the one here at at Tattoo Hollywood, there has been no shortage of tremendous tattoo work walking through the doors. One of the most impressive projects we’ve seen, however, belongs to David up there, who’s been steadily covering his entire body in portraiture over the last few years. Having been worked on exclusively by brothers Mikey (at Rubes Tattoo in Arcadia) and Tommy Montoya (at Inkslingers in Alhambra), the suit is as cohesive as one could hope for, even though the subject matter varies wildly from musicians to horror movie characters to comedians to inventors. When we were photographing him, some of his friends were making light fun of him for being a bit on the heavier side (“Make sure you get his nipples in there!”), but to hear David tell it, if he were smaller, he wouldn’t have room for all this excellent work. Hard to argue with that. Lots more, after the jump.

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Hard Pore Cornography

Alright, alright! So, as we’ve learned over the past week, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama are little more than common grifters, unconcerned with the welfare of their fellow humans and dedicated almost exclusively to hedonistic earthly pursuits like celebrity poker and Cirque Du Soleil. Fine. With that said, I think we’ve finally found a portrait of a man beyond reproach—a man whose life was steeped in virtue, who had respect for all living things, and who, if nothing else could be said of him, undeniably made the world a better place. Try to shit all over Archie, you meatheads.

(Tattoo by Ron Antonick at Gen X Tattoos in Willoughby, Ohio.)

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.

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This Week In BME

Good Shabbos, ModBloggers! We all got such a kick out of Timmo‘s pimp-bee the other day that we figured, hey, it’s a mitzvah, right? Luckily, he had more work in his portfolio to provide us with the means for an appropriate celebration. L’chaim! After the jump? More of Timmo’s handiwork. Compton, stand up.

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Even When I Lie

Hot on the heels of this outstanding flesh-removal piece from earlier in the week, we turn the spotlight once again to Jimmy Xayyabanha at Straight A Tattoos in Asheboro, North Carolina, who, apparently, is just killing it right now. I apologize if this is a recognizable profile on whose identity I’m blanking, but either way, this is one of the finer pieces of scarification portraiture we’ve seen in a while.

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.