Strikes Me Down With a Fist of Lead

“… they call that a paradox.”

(Tattoo on IAM: deathbeforedecaf, by Thomas Kenney at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, MD.)

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30 thoughts on “Strikes Me Down With a Fist of Lead

  1. Cory- its a stitch ripper. Something you use to take out the mistakes you make when sewing.

    Iv seen this tattoo before. I think its adorable!!!

  2. Ahahaha, oh dear! I’ve got ‘No Regrets’ tattooed across across my gut, I still have yet to meet someone else in person with the same, but I guess this is pretty close :(

    I’ve got photo’s on my myspace, if anyone cares?

  3. i would say its an ‘unpicker’. that may not be a real word but i like it! and the tattoo :)

  4. Cory Victorious, thats exactly what I’ve got across my gut!
    Well, not all in upper case though, just the N and the R…

    …and it was also my first tattoo!

    Small world :’)

  5. I sew, too, and that little seam ripper is so cute. And has total relevance to No Regrets.

  6. Yay ! I love it ,, I thought I was the only one with a “seam ripper” Tattoo ! I love it .. its awesome … and it looks like its about the same size as mine and everything … but I have a whole sewing theem …. any way great Tattoo

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  8. i know what the seam ripper is, but i dont quite get the no regrets aspect?

    someone enlighten me please

  9. Drew……
    umm a seam ripper is used to rip out “mistakes” and fix them ( in sewing)… so I think maybe the no regrets and the seam ripper together means like ‘all problems can be fixed , so no regrets ” maybe thats just my theory … Id love to know if Im right …..

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