26 thoughts on “Spread ‘Em

  1. check and mate? like in chess, when you get someone in checkmate. its what cha say.

    and i love love love the BME hand.

  2. sleeve looks like it could be very nice but what happened with the diamond?….someone took their eye off the ball on that one….and what is that crap design on the other hand?????? very dodgy!

  3. Love the BME hand tattoo.
    The sleeve looks like it could be neat too.
    But as for the diamond and donald trump scene hair; I just can’t wait for the goddamn trend to end.
    Sorry to those of you that have either.
    It’s just so overdone and uninteresting now.

  4. @h3cknot3kno: Wanna know what I can’t wait to end? Ignorant people that judge other based on their hair.

    I mean, I don’t even have a fringe or any of that but really, when you dislike people based on their hair style you really need to do a bit of soul searching…

  5. @Jaimes
    I don’t hate the people have those things, I just find them boring [the hair and such I mean.]
    I don’t like terrible tattoos and greasy hair either, but that doesn’t mean I hate my friends that have self done tattoos that are absolutely terrible and never wash their hair properly.
    And no, I wasn’t friends with them before they had those things either so they obviously didn’t deter them from me.
    I’m sure there are trends that you hate also.
    Mullets perhaps? Maybe.. sequined shirts?
    Does that mean that you dislike anyone from the 80′s?
    I doubt it.

  6. man, hair like this has been around forever, style is never a trend.
    yes, there are “trendy” things to do, i agree.
    but to say you can’t wait for a certain style to run out is silly. there are always people who stick with the fashion they like like this.

    i love them both! he’s cute.

    This guy is great.
    I like how it turned out and I admire that he was able to tattoo his own palm, I wouldn’t be able to do that!

  8. number6 that crappy design is the BME logo omg ur on mod blog and u odnt no what that is were have u been liveing on bme haha

  9. Dude, seriously, fix your goddamn hair.
    Your fringe/bangs/whatever the crap you want to call it is NOT supposed to start from the back of your head.
    Jesus tap dancing christ!

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