Don’t Run With Wooden Stakes

You know what one of the best things about working at BME is? Occasionally, you’ll look at your e-mail inbox and see an e-mail with a subject line like “Lesbian Vampires.” Under normal circumstances, this would be nothing — probably spam advertising a Transylvanian boner pill or perhaps some sort of zaftig pyramid scheme (“The bloodthirsty queen of the island of Lesbos would like to lend you some money!”). But here? You see that title and you think to yourself, “You know what? I bet I’m gonna open this up and there are gonna be some lesbian vampires in there,” and sure enough, bam. Lesbian vampires. What a country.

Artist Update! This fine piece of work was done by Cere Kyle Cotterman at Ink Revolution Studios in Kingsport, Tennessee.

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104 thoughts on “Don’t Run With Wooden Stakes

  1. I really love the way this was done.
    The image really isn’t something I would put on myself- but it looks really good on her (him?)
    But again, it looks REALLY good, imo.

  2. bangin jam dope skeen! i would have just made a few minor adjustments for my own personal taste, such as the vampire would be rubbing the girl’s vagina and the girl would be rubbing her own breast instead of visa versa

  3. This is the most amazing tattoo I’ve ever seen – colour portraits never turn out this way and the shading is so delicate.

  4. Wow. Just Wow.

    The subject matter isn’t something I’d get done myself, but the tattooing is magnificent.

  5. Yeah, count me as another that really wants to know the artist. Amazing work. When I first glanced at it I thought it was a high quality print taped onto someone.

  6. Not that I actually doubt it, but I’m having a hard time believe that’s a tattoo. Wow,

    Please update with artist information if you have/get it.

  7. the detail, and “life-likeness” is ridiculous. not crazy about the subject matter but awesome tattoo

  8. That tattoo is amazingly well-done!

    I’m curious as to whether the owner makes an effort to hide it in public, because of the huge negative reaction I can imagine that would generate, say, anywhere with children/adults/people who don’t like explicit vampire erotica. I mean, to each their own, but how does one explain that tattoo to one’s kid?

  9. This tattoo fucking blows my mind.

    I’m not interested in lesbians or vampires, but this tattoo is so incredibly well done.

  10. @ Meaghan, who the hell wouldn’t love explicit vampire erotica? Haha.

    Yup…this is pretty fuckin’ cool. Pretty fuckin’ cool indeed.

  11. Ok guys, I told Roo not to say anything just to see what an unbiased reaction would be but ill let you all know….

    Im the artist.

  12. leave it to cere to do a sweet lesbian vampire tattoo and then just see what an unbiased reaction would be

  13. is it just me… or is that a really big piece on someones thigh?
    therefore i don’t think it would be that difficult to hide….
    not that you would.. it is great… but.. yeeah.. for the few conservative people out there….

  14. To see this and have someone say its a tattoo and not a drawing or picture is almost unbelievable. The attention to detail is amazing and i especially like the heavy white outlines, they really make it pop out. And obviously the obligatory ogle at the hotness o____0

  15. #31 you obviously dont have many same sex friends. Cos YOURE WRONG. OH SO WRONG. :)

    Amazing shading, and more information please?

  16. Warborn you must be quite a looker to make a bold statement like that!

    I’d really love to see some credit on this piece, it just looks so unreal.

  17. I agree with #48, i’ve met some damn beautiful lesbians. i’ve met some damn ugly ones too, but hey, i’ve met beautiful and ugly straight people too.
    as for the tattoo, that thing is unbelievable. it looks like it was painted on it’s so good. love it, even if i wouldn’t want to get it on meself.

  18. i’d get this on myself — too bad i don’t have a surface area that large that isn’t regularily covered in coarse black hair…

  19. I don’t leave comments very often, but this tattoo almost requires a comment. Very, very beautful work. At first glance I did not even notice it was on skin! Fabulous job cere!

  20. lish: Because the photo submission didn’t include artist credits. We’re trying to find out who it was.

  21. I don’t like the picture itself, but thw way the tattoo is made is F*CKING AWESOME!!! Psobably one of the best realistic ones I have ever seen… Just… wow!

  22. ha! i cant believe my tat got this much attention. this is the favorite tattoo that i have, it was done by kyle cotterman of ink revolution studios in kingsport tn. his myspace is – if you’d like to check out more of his work.
    (i think i posted a similar comment a minute ago but i’m not sure if it posted, i just wanted to make sure i gave out some artist cred.)

  23. Artist Update! This fine piece of work was done by Kyle Cotterman at Ink Revolution Studios in Kingsport, Tennessee. Sorry, Cere.

  24. The pink shorts make it that much better.

    #47 a tit and a breast are the same thing, using them in a sentence like that doesn’t make sense.

    Beautiful work, though I’m not much for the subject.

  25. it’s pretty cool, but it would benefit from a big sweet wizard in the background just taking in the hot scene.

  26. @69: she is wearing a glove and a ring, thats what makeing it weird. The other hand is more weird, short fingers.

  27. That’s incredible shading – incredible in the original sense of “almost unbelievable”. Looks fantastic.

    (Although I’m in the “are you sure you want to be walking around with vampire porn on your body for the rest of your life?” minority party re: subject matter =)

  28. Not a fan of the subject matter, but holy shit if you’re gonna do it, at least you get it done well.

  29. Unbelievable! This has such crazy detail and gentle shading. I laughed when Cere took credit, but laughed even harder when someone congratulated him on a job well done…

  30. Thanks to everyone with the positive comments on my piece i appreciate it. This tattoo was done in Kingsport Tennessee, at Ink Revolution Studios. It took roughly 8 hours…..As for the guy that claimed the tattoo as one of HIS, (cere), you can go fuck off. its not cool to take credit for someones hard work!!!!!! asshole

  31. Kyle honey, I think if it had been anyone else but Cere, you would have had a totally valid point.

  32. Kyle, I agree which is why I dont understand how come you are claiming credit for a piece that i OBVIOUSLY did. If you look thru my portfolio you will see that my work FAR outshines your own. Its ok to be jealous….

  33. Nope, it was me.

    I can understand how the AWESOMENESS of my presence can lead to delusions and you can mix that up.

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  35. Anyone could have easily confused the artistic style with Cere’s =)
    (And anyone who didn’t “get it” never will.)

  36. holy shit this is so gorgeous and hotttt….love the white outline, really makes it pop. looks like a tee-shirt screen print!

  37. This is increadible and SO sexy, beautiful artwork but all I can look at is the chick touching herself. I will get a tattoo of a girl masturbating somewhere on my body… Someday!

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