Around the World in 70 Seconds

The above hell-demon was summoned by Paul Arena at Tattoo Clinic in South Glens Fall, New York, who is obviously some sort of damned warlock and probably does this sort of thing for fun, all the time, and will stop at nothing until these terrifying beasts have crept up from the soil and latched onto the backs of every man, woman and child, enslaving us all, forever. A clever gambit on your part, sir.

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26 thoughts on “Around the World in 70 Seconds

  1. Oh my god, those needles look a lot thicker than I’ve ever seen in a play piercing before.

    …and I love it!

  2. @sara, i was thinking the same thing. the needles look fucking huge. and the skin looks way more swollen than most of the play piercings ive seen

  3. I teared when I looked at this. It looks amazingly painful. Alot different then the other play piercings I’ve seen. Gotta agree with Drew & Sara.

  4. wow. never thought i would see anyone from south glens falls on modblog. i had to move all the way to nyc for that to happen.

    intense needles, seriously.

  5. this looks insanely painful! i agree with the others, way redder and angrier than other play piercing projects i’ve seen. i hope this person’s skin is okay after this!

  6. interesting….I know how hard it can be to make an actual image of something with a play piercing….I like it, but I’d like it way more without all the purple markings, and if it weren’t covered in ointment….

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