Did All I Did Just to Get Through to Heaven

With all the excitement of the shop.BMEzine.com relaunch, I’ve been trying to calm myself down all morning. And I have to say, the above picture? Not helping. Not helping at all.

(Tattoos by Errol at Inkstitution in Rotterdam, Holland.)

38 thoughts on “Did All I Did Just to Get Through to Heaven

  1. Haha, damnit, after seeing a Filigree style tattoo on here many moons ago, I planned to design some Filigree for a tattoo of my own. This is very similar to something I had in mind! But I don’t mind =p It’s beautiful, and she pulls it off really well. (It’s actually a lot better than what I designed.)
    Back to the drawing board!

    This is a beautiful tattoo. =]

  2. at 18

    Chill out, I thought it was funny and felt like mentioning it
    Some people just have to try and put everything in a negative context, don’t they?

  3. This is one of the few times in recent memory that BME posted a nude picture where nudity wasn’t gratuitous but necessary. It’s always beautiful when you see a physique and tattoo that compliment each other this well.

    Post Script: Please do not misunderstand, I am still all for gratuitous nudity on BME

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