37 thoughts on “For Mom

  1. Took me about 4 reads to understand “So I wrote you so Mething” – as if the guy was on meth, was actually “So I wrote you something”

  2. Jon P – No, It’s most certainly not Maori…It’s English…with rays from the sun… Half of that wouldn’t even translate into Maori.

    are you on drugs? or did i miss something big…

  3. I got caught up in the fact that not just For Mom was capitalized and the last m is cut off. I kept getting Foremo

  4. ^ #11 basically said most of what I was going to say. I read the comments to this piece and thought for a second I’d woken up in bizarro world, where the obvious apparently isn’t and logic lacks. :S

    It may not be the coolest or most fantastic tattoo, but it’s certainly interesting.

  5. I like it alot. I wonder what the story is though, it’s gonna be bothering me. It seems like maybe his mother did something…um…”bad”? MORE INFO PLZZZ.

  6. If the F in Family is included, then the E in empty would make it FOREMOM? If you also include words after commas that are oddly capitalized, you get FBORE(T?)NSMFOSM. Either way, pretty cool lookin’ thing!

  7. The Last “M” Is On The Word That Is Hard To See On The Second Last Line, #14 and #20. Thats What I Can See From It Anyways

  8. #11 C’mon dude, that’s whoever hates the fact I stand guard over anything Maori related on ModBlog, as if I’d say that’s a copy of ANYTHING Maori hahahaha

    And, no, not drugs. Mac’s Sundance Summer Ale, but not drugs.

    I like the tatt. Might not be to everyone’s tastes but tatts for the family make me happy.

  9. Oh and it can all be translated into Maori, written in te reo, not in ta moko of course. I wonder who it is that keeps posting under my name? Whoever it is, they’re sure funny!

  10. I think it looks awesome, but then again I tend to think most lettering/script tats look spunky…

  11. adding to my comment earlier-

    “so i wrote you something from my heart, and i marked it on my chest”

    i like the literalness of it all haha

  12. Yeah, usually when a tattoo artist sends in a bunch of photos of work he’s done, he doesn’t include detailed stories about each one. Sorry.

  13. I read the caps as FORE MOM. Considering the subject matter and that ‘fore’ may very well mean “former,” that extra E is likely intentional.

  14. I think this is beautiful, i couldn’t get the post off my mind because i understand what he means about Mom. Sometimes words are better i suppose. But it’s a touching poem, i teared up when i read it first.

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