49 thoughts on “Become the Touches of Sweet Harmony

  1. Its nice and all and i love the ears! but my personal opinion is the swastikas on her hands kinda ruins it. it would be like getting a handjob from Hitlers grandaughter…..

  2. I kinda like the movement to ‘take back’ the Swastika from the Nazi associations, but I think it is going to be a long, long time before it disappears from collective consciousness as a symbol of evil. Beautiful tattoos though 🙂

  3. I agree with Almaxaquotal. It’s going to be a lonng time, but the more people see it and learn that it’s not an evil symbol the farther it will go.

  4. Beautiful tattoos. The more swastikas that people see, and the more they’re told the true meaning, then the closer we are to reclaiming this most sacred of symbols.

  5. beautiful woman, awesome tattooing.
    too bad they have those scumbag swastikas.

    listen, i WANT to believe that these people are trying to reclaim the swastika’s good origins.
    but really i just think they are trying to be super cool and fashionable.
    even if thier intentions are good, that doesnt stop them from horrifying survivors of the holocaust and thier families.

    “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”

    like i even believe in hell, but you get the point right?
    besides, isnt it abit odd that this shop is around at a time that neo-nazi-ism is making a huge comeback in europe?
    doesnt it seem gross that these people are German?!?
    NO, i dont believe in cruxifying someone for what thier ancestors did (even those i get punished for slavery and other American crimes all the time)… but we are all responsible for being CONSIDERATE to the victims of our ancestors. we have to take RESPONSIBILITY for what previous generations did.

    i tend to believe that these people are giving comfort to the new age of neo-nazis and fascists in this world.

    i tried to open a dialog with the shop’s owner once, but all i got was hate back.
    that doesnt sound like someone that really cares about peace love and bringing back the “gentle swastika”.
    that sound like a cover for scumbags.

  6. Let me put it this way:
    im a “white” “American”
    therefore, it would be disgusting of me to use the word “N-word” lightly.

    Therefore, where the fuck do Germans get off using the swastika to decorate themselves?

    Please think.

  7. I really, really don’t connect the two. To be honest, the swastika can stay on the dark side or not for all I care – I’m not defending a symbol. I just really don’t connect this with naziism. The symbol on a red flag or on someone’s sleeve has of course got negative connotations, but not in the context of this pseudo-asian or whatever design. The patterns swastika freakshop use are clearly heavily influenced by the cultures that originally used the swastika millenia ago and, to me, this is totally acceptable, especially as it’s such a visually tight symbol. Enough of this nazi crap, these guys are clearly pretty liberal and not about to commit genocide any time soon.

  8. heretic138, you sire are a dumbass!
    1. germans are no less or more guilty for the sins of their grandparents than anyone. ie. **not** **at** **all**
    2. nigger does not have a ‘sacred’ root. the comparison is hilariously stoopid.

    and, anyone reclaiming the swastika, you goofballs are also dumbbums.

    are you really that supersticious-silly that you believe a couple crooked lines are ‘sacred’ and need to be ‘saved’? get over yourselves. what an incredible waste of resources. the illuminati are laughing all the way to the bank while you jerk off over something so petty.

    focus on what’s important. she’s crazy delicious and has superdoopertattoos.

  9. remember people don’t feed the trolls or they’ll just keep trying to drum up controversy to make themselves feel more important

  10. over all i think Speedoapes reply was pretty snappy!! and very not ment to be a troll. wait..shit thats me. ok, i cracked up on it but wtf right?

  11. I absolutely love that lip plate. Not sure if it’s quite at the right size to be considered a plate but I love it none the less.

  12. nice to see anyone that kills in the name of god is just seen as a terrorist… show that a cross is really not a bad symbol n people will freak.

    for some people mods r a spiritual thing done based on their ancestors. hence before anyone had the time to really ruin anything, just cuz they were put on churches doesnt mean they were first introduced threw the church. sad to see how narrow minded we fall, even within our own community of belief.

    i think shes beautiful n when marc put out all those hand pieces i liked hers the most. swastika or not

  13. i love anna. she’s hot. her mods rule, and i love the new palms. i’m not one to be offended with words and symbols, and i’m sure (at least i hope) that she sees it as a symbol of peace.

    …but i can’t believe anyone who says that they don’t connect the swastika with nazism. sorry. the holocaust wasn’t long enough ago.

  14. I’m pretty sure it’s Anna who has “Sweetheart” tattooed on the backs of her legs, I’ve been trying to find the old post of it for a while now because I want to get a text tattoo in a similar font. Does anyone know where the post went? I’d be much obliged.

  15. I think the move to reclaim the swastika is important, and I think that Germans are absolutely among the people who should be involved in that if they want to be. Displaying the swastika (along with any Nazi insignia, or raising your arm in a Heil Hitler salute) is illegal in Germany and Austria, and while I certainly understand why I think it should only be illegal to display a swastika when it’s promoting Nazism. There are currently moves by those countries to ban it EU wide, which have not made it any further because other governments argue it is infringing on Hindus’ religious freedoms; the swastika is, after all, a millennia-old Hindu symbol of PEACE. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could look at a swastika and see it as a symbol of peace that was monstrously misappropriated? It doesn’t mean forgetting the horror of those years, it means moving on and moving forward with respect. As one of the arguments by Hindu groups points out, do we ban the crucifix because the KKK use burning crosses?

  16. Her tattoos are stunning.. I love the dots on her hands, they’re so well done and it’s a wonderful place for them

  17. to nr 30
    i’ve been looking for some posts too, but they’ve suddenly dissapeared, don’t know what’s going on…

  18. and @ 35, i COMPLETELY agree.
    yes, the nazi’s used the swastika as their main symbol which reminds many people of how cruel and terrible that point in time was. but BEFORE it was a nazi symbol, it was a hindu symbol for peace. i respect the people trying to bring back the original meaning of the swastika (peace) and (hopefully) eventually i plan to fly back to germany to get a swastika done in the amazing Swastika Freakshop.

  19. She is drop dead gorgeous. Typically, I think that many mods make a person look like they have overdone it but she pulls them all off so well.

  20. I think the whole reclaiming the swastika thing is a waste of time. Seriously, there are thousands of ancient symbols that have wonderful meanings and can be appreciated and taken into modern culture. Yes, it’s a symbol that is still being used by Hindus and a few other cultures today, and it has a very simple, positive meaning, but unless all these people are devout Hindus, why are they putting up so much of a fight for it? I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at a Hindu with a swastika, but my fists tend to clench when I see a white, obviously non-religious person sporting a similar design (I’m aware not all Hindus are white, and that some white people are Hindus.)

    Seriously guys, there are other things much more worth fighting for, I’d rather see a symbol die down than have a “movement” with such a hit-and-miss response and a mixed message. I mean shit, we’ve let entire languages/ cultures/ civilizations slip out of our hands, for much lesser reasons than them being associated with the offending side of a genocide, what’s one fucking symbol? I’m not for censorship or taboos, but while there are still people who get white in the face with sadness and frustration over what that symbol has represented in our very recent history, how about we tone it down a little? Just food for thought.

  21. i give a shit to hitler and all the nazi bastard all over the world.
    i dont kill the swastika – because im not stupid like he nazi idiots..

    so save the swastika or shut up…

  22. Should’ve saved my breath, obviously it’s wasted on you. Save the swastika or shut up? Have a fucking heart to those of us who still have that pain in their family.

  23. i understand the whole discussion, i understand that it is a very sensitive topic to many amond us, i am german i am well informed about my history , i am not fighting for nothing, i just want to wear this beautiful sign and tell people about it’s positive meaning. If i can turn something bad in something good, why wouldn’t i? everyone who knows me just a tiny bit knows i am so so far from being a racist.

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