I Like Water

Gotta be honest, and I mean no offense: This is not the edgiest message to tattoo on oneself. I suspect you’ll find very few people who dispute the sentiment. (As opposed to, say, such incendiary messages as “Go Fuck Ya Self” and “Bag O Donuts” and such.) I, of course, am inclined to agree with this. Cancer is indeed, among many other things, quite lame.

(Tattoo by Mykie Rice at Golden Horseshoe Tattoo in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.)

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31 thoughts on “I Like Water

  1. If he is a cancer survivor then that is great! Im the husband of a 2 time cancer survivor. cancer IS lame.

  2. one of the last things my Aunt ever said to me was “Cancer’s fucking lame” so i absolutely love this tattoo. also the original type is great

  3. Both my parents died of cancer – both very young – so I agree with the message of this tattoo. I also like the font/script/lettering and the decoration above and below it. Especially I like the letter “i” which looks like a candle, perhaps burning in memory of the victims of cancer. I suspect the guy wearing this tattoo has suffered the pain of bereavement and this is his way of fighting back. Good luck to him.

  4. Echoing many others here already, I know many cancer survivors that would love to wear this tattoo and generally applaud it. Messages need not be edgy to be good.

  5. I’d sorry but this tattoo is just stupid. Cancer survivor or not, what the hell is the point, “cancer is lame” okay.. yeah, so?

  6. Vomit: have a sense of humor, having had many people die of cancer i find that simplifying the idea of how bad cancer really is can help the person who is sick. Would you prefer it to say “cancer is devastating” or whatever other word to describe “horrible”.

    I love this tattoo personally, cancer is fucking lame! and the lettering is fantastic!

  7. Vomit: In a way this tattoo is making a very vicious and completely destroying “thing” seem less intimidating, less powerful. As Maiden points out, it does simplify this disease so often thought of as terminal.

    My mom had cancer and I’m sure she’d appreciate this. It was “lame”, it took two years of her life. But she didn’t let it become devastating, it didn’t deserve to destroy her whole life.

  8. I am a cancer survivor and someone who has lost family to cancer.
    This tattoo is awesome and everyone who saw what I had to go through agrees.
    It’s empowering.

  9. More suggestions for this guy:
    “War, like, sucks”
    “Murder isn’t cool”
    “Arterialsclerosis burns me up”

    And on a more positive note:
    “Air is kinda cool”
    “Food is all right”
    “Nice people are… Nice”

  10. I may be wrong on this one, but I believe Cancer is Lame was actually a benifit concert that was thrown in St. Catharines, inspired by a member of our local music scene and his battle with cancer…. but I’m not for sure on all the details.

  11. For those who think this ink is stupid, try having cancer yourself, it frickin SUCKS! Once you get through it, then you’ll understand the reasonings behind it.

    My cancer tattoo is going to be more implicit, but no doubt the most important one i will ever get.

  12. Cancer is not lame. Cancer will KICK YOUR ASS. It is a formidable foe. That is why cancer survivors are so cool. If it was lame, then surviving it would be no big deal.

    I prefer more defiant expressions, such as “FUCK CANCER.”

    This tattoo is lame. Also, people with disabilities don’t appreciate the expression “lame.”

  13. peggy, I don’t believe one must have cancer themselves to understand the message and not all cancer patients or survivors would agree.

    Roscoe. I am incredibly glad cancer didn’t “kick my ass” and I prefer lame over fuck.
    Lame can mean many things.

  14. Roscoe: many people with disabilities don’t mind the word “lame”, I know I do not mind it at all, I don’t know how that ties into anything you were talking about anyways.

  15. hahaha… I love it. When I was sick with lymphatic cancer my mom brought me a shirt that had “cancer is lame” printed in gold letters. I still have it to this day and I love it!

  16. Well look at all the hustle and bustle about this piece. This was done on my friend Jordan who the cancer is lame benefit shows were put on in st. catharines for. He survived testicular cancer at the age of 18 and is a pretty sweet dude. For those who love it thanks for those who care to argue it you all have the right to your own opinion.

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