I Have the Heart of a Small Boy … and I Keep it in a Jar on my Desk

Hey, guess where these came from! I think you’ll be … whatever. First one to guess correctly gets a strip of Dramamine and a blast from one of those Men in Black memory erasers. Guh.

Keloid removal by Brooklyn’s resident shaman, IAM: xPUREx at Pure Body Arts. Those suckers developed on ear piercings the client got when she was 12 and in which she wore jewelry for only a few months. The scar tissue kept growing and, after years of being turned down by doctors for treatment unable to manage getting it taken care of by cosmetic surgeons, she went this route.

Squick yourselves to sleep, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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57 thoughts on “I Have the Heart of a Small Boy … and I Keep it in a Jar on my Desk

  1. Oh my goodness, those are awful. And the blowouts on her ears aren’t doing too well either, yikes . . .

  2. Hells bells, why would this person wait so long to get help for such a painful-looking eyesore?
    My ears weep. She should just cut hers off and start over. Goddamn.

  3. This hurt my stomach more than any odd genital mod I’ve seen on modblog.

    Poor girl, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to be a teenager living with those.

    Then again its probably like my eczema in response “what’s that from? Does it hurt? Is it contagious?”

  4. I don’t know how much it was that a doctor “wouldn’t” help her, but more that they had no idea what was causing it (i was told they said a “genetic defect”, even though she had other piercings that healed without issue), thus “couldn’t” help her. Her insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of surgery, as it fell into the category of cosmetic work, and she simply couldn’t afford it, as far as i know.

    I suspect, if a closer look were to be taken at the scar tissue with x-ray equipment dissection and a microscope, flakes of low quality metal(s) were probably leached from the initial jewelry into the tissue and never broken down or expelled by her body, which caused the continuing reaction. Just a guess…..

  5. am i the only one who would keep them in my wallet so i could threaten everyone who wasn’t super nice to me with dropping them in their mouth whie they slept?

  6. I was right, but only because I happened to see that picture in the ear piercing section last night.

  7. I just had Brian work on my inner conches last week and so far the progress has been amazing. I can’t wait to take photos and get the sutures out on Friday.

  8. I have very small keloids on my ears; can’t imagine having ones that size. o.O

    I’m glad she was able to get them taken care of.

  9. I couldnt imagine any part of my body not healing properly and looking like this.
    Thank god my body likes me for the most part.
    And she has pretty new ears!

  10. isn’t there still a risk of keloiding? that’s a significant amount of tissue that’s been removed there…

  11. To those that have asked about keloids returning, it shouldn’t happen, as long as the person doesn’t use the same type of jewelry for their ears that caused the original keloiding. Two of my cousins have had keloids removed and were told that the keloiding was from an allergic reaction from the type of jewelry that was initially used. When their ears were first done, they were gunned, which can tell you that the jewelry that is used for piercing guns is definitely crap. they have since then successfully removed the keloids and went through the healing process. after the whole healing process, they have gone to a professional piercing studio, and had high quality jewelry(titanium) used as initial jewelry with no problems.

  12. xPUREx if the idea about metal fragments are true then fair enough but under the circumstances an x-ray would have been seen as unnecessary. Not sure about America (I’m assuming that’s the country) but here we are not allowed to undertake x-ray examinations unless they outcome is worth the risks. This would not be deemed it. Also, x-raying an ear would be interesting to get onto cassette.

  13. yeah. so those are my ears. they are healing really well and I;ve since been hooked up with a plastic surgeo who felt bad for me I guess. they are healing really well now and I just had the stitches out today. I’ll get new pics up as soon as I can. if anything does grow back. which I’ve been told it can I will be taking care of it right away with cortisone injections long before anything surgical is need. and personally I think my ears look better now then they did even before the keloids. Thanks Brian!

    I also have never had any problems with any other piercing in any part of my body. ever

  14. and to holysynn, you say you never had any other problems with piercings, but are your lobes blown out? or do they just look like that in the picture? the last row of pictures in the left especially . because i think that would count as a problem. not to be a negative nelly.

    ps. im glad you got these fixed. I bet they look great now, and hope the healing continues successfully!

  15. if u got them when u were twelve exactly how long have you ears been development time span for this problem

  16. the keloids developed soon after the piercing and continued to develop for around 10 years. after the jewelry was removed, #48.

  17. I f-ing called it!!! I guessed Keloids!!!! I knew it!!!! That must have been so uncomfortable to sleep on, I bet it’s a releife to have those puppies removed.

  18. correction xpurex. nothing went wrong for about a year after the piercing came out and has been growing very slowly every since. started out noticing a small hard ball on the inside of my ear that grew until it pushed out into the monsterous things you see in the pictures.

    And number 46 I have blow outs but that was because I was a dumb ass and stretched my ears way to fast pushing the tissue back. its not something that just grew on its own. so I suppose I should say I have had no other problems with keloids in any other piercings

  19. lala on November 24th, 2008 at 11:45 pm:

    Its not exactly hard to guess when you put the answer in the tags.


    I’m glad this girl got them removed. Poor dear.
    I’m even more glad my eats never had any reactions to the shit I put them through!

  20. Ah, okay. I misheard. Still, in comparison to 10+ years of growth, i consider 1 year soon after ;) I know how much you probably love your new toys, but i think it’d be really interesting to dissect one and see what’s in there.

  21. I agree. I was thinking of doing just that. they are hanging out all wrapped up in the freezer. I need to find some formaldehyde. so I can just keep them in a jar for all eternity! anyone know where I can get some? or something that would work just as well? I’ll bust open the smaller one to see if I find anything. x-ray glasses would come in handy. :)

  22. I guessed keloids, but I didn’t knew from where. But, I’m surprised she couldn’t get a Dr. to do it. Whoever did do it tho, did a nice clean job.

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