33 thoughts on “Deserving!

  1. We learned in typography to only use a maximum of 3 fonts on any page. We also learned that rules can be broken if it’s done right. I think this is done right.

    I love the negative space and the dot work.

  2. I am just sitting here being silent and watching this with my mouth open.

    this is just stunning beautifull
    i just need to stare at it

  3. i still think there’s too many fonts.
    BUT it’s better than the billions of tattoos using monotype corsiva

  4. I’m sorry, but this is terrible. Why did you post this tattoo when she has a wonderful dotwork tat by Nica Lehead on her arm? Readers should go to her IAM page and check that one out instead. It’s crazy delicious.

    OTOH this tattoo is uneven, unbalanced, crooked, and just looks plain unprofessional. It’s like a cheap copy of her Nica Lehead tattoo. I can’t believe sheeple are buying it. You would be doing her a big favor if you took this post down and put up her other tattoo instead.

  5. MrPibb – The tattoo you mentioned wasn’t the one she submitted (at least not this time around) and as the post says it was by her friend and colleague.

    They both work at the same studio as tattooists and I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing and the look they were going for..

  6. MrPibb – I’m not sure to be honest, I shot her a message but didn’t hear back (yet).

    I’m sure she’ll be told about this post and pop in to give us the details 🙂

  7. This isn’t my cup of tea design-wise, I tend to agree that its not the most balanced. But I don’t think it looks badly done, cheap or unprofessional, I think it seems technically well executed, so if that is the design she wanted, then its a nice tattoo!!!

  8. I love that song and that tattoo is great – odd, but great.

    I don’t read the line as pessimistic or optimistic. A statement of want, without greed.

  9. I don’t really like this that much, the quote, the fonts, and the zig zag exclamation point but I do LOVE the dot work, “I” “only” and “deserve” look amazing. I also like the black and red.
    Where is this, the side of her back?

  10. Aw man, as I was scrolling down I got excited because I thought it was going to say, “I don’t want the world, I only want your half.” I guess TMBG lyrics are too much to hope for…

  11. The fonts were done increadibly well! Maybe I’m just a real amateur but it looks very good to me

  12. Wow, the definition of delusional entitlement thinking.

    You don’t DESERVE anything, DESERVE is a HUMAN concept that has absolutely NO application in nature. The only thing anyone “deserves” is what they EARN, and even then there’s no promise that you’ll get it because DESERVE’s got nothing to do with anything.


  13. holy fuck. i thought we were looking at the tattoo, not the words. I’m not in love with the design either but I think the execution of it is very well done.

  14. I’m pretty sure I have all of those fonts…

    The design concept works, despite the multiple use of fonts, mostly because the number of fonts is an odd number…odd numbers are always more pleasing to the eye. Plus, if you were to duplicate the use of the fonts (as in 3 words of each type) there would be a group of 2 words left over, and and even number of groups of words (and thus, different fonts). So from a design standpoint, i think with the amount of variation they wanted, it was necessary to have each word written in a different font.

    That’s the thing about art….there may be rules, but how often are the rules broken? Are the majority of artist’s we learn about in history not recognized for their desire to break away from the traditional academic dictates of that time?

    The word deserve does appear to be slightly crooked, but perhaps that was intentional as well.

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