You’ll Soon Drip Precious Rubies

Whether your favourite hair themed film is Blow Dry, Don’t Mess With Zohan or Sweeney Todd (I could go on but I’m sure you don’t want me to) – Get your clippers around these knuckle tattoos by Adam Harris of New Tribe, Brixham, England.

Tommy Toxic (autoplayer)

Click through to see him swingin’ his hairspray wide.

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50 thoughts on “You’ll Soon Drip Precious Rubies

  1. HAHAHA that really cracked me up.
    here i was thinkin that it was going to be a bold statement and what not

    but there it was just what he does for a living
    i like it

  2. i agree…he’s gorgeous
    and i love all the work he has…especially the fact that he has one arm in black&grey and the other one in colors

  3. Well he is just plain yummy.
    I honestly didn’t scroll down enough to see the knuckle tattoos at first, cause….yeah.
    I was staring at that face. I want one….

  4. Sweeny Todd is a damn good movie! Really! Great!

    And, of course this guy is cool too!))) Especially second photo!) I’d like to be hairdressed by him) He’s tough! And… is he a sXe? I think I can see sXe tattoo on his left hand.

  5. I looooove when hair fanatics flaunt it! i wish all of the tattooed hairstylists on iam/modblog could get a huge pic together!!

  6. okay, going to go against the crowd and say that Blow Dry is fucking fantastic, and I wish someone had the same tattoo on the sole of one of their feet as Alan Rickman’s character. I would… be incredibly happy.

    … I really, really like this person’s look and mods.

  7. Haha yes chris you have pierced my cock! hahah

    and you loved it! Everytime i see it i think of you!

  8. aha i cut hair too :] toni&guy yowww
    getting my backpiece started soon i cannot wait
    he’s gorgeous
    and i love his tattoos

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