Everybody wants to be naked and famous tattooed..

Well Otter, your wish has come true!

It took me a moment or two to work out what the text that Loki (Kaleidoscope Tattoos, Cambridge, MA) was in the middle of tattooing on him read – Then it struck me like a blow to the face in an underground parking lot..

I felt like destroying something beautiful

Click through for another shot and keep your fingers crossed he updates us with more photos.

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46 thoughts on “Everybody wants to be naked and famous tattooed..


    right ? am i right ? lol ive been sitting here for like five minutes tryna figure it out.

    Oh that’s what the tattooo says too ! lol damn i don’t read muchh. -_- but i like that quote and tattoo alot.

  2. Fight Club ftw. Amazing.

    I’d like to see the follow up pictures of him kicking Jared Leto’s ass.


  3. I’m wondering why he is naked.
    I think he has a nice body. Yes he really has.

    But i can’t imagine why he put off his clothes for some letters on his arm.

  4. Yay for getting tattooed naked! Its pretty hot.

    The only thing that grosses me out, is the fact that the part of the chair where is junk is sitting isn’t covered/

  5. oh wait i get it, it was just that text! thats funny. i thought the tattoo was like, gonna be like huge or something and REQUIRE him to be naked! haha silly me :P

  6. wow. amazing!!

    i’ve wanted this tattooed on me for the longest time. i guess i waited to long.
    i <3 fight club.

  7. yeah, the fact that he’s naked is a little odd…. but that aside, a fucking amazing quote to get tattooed! There are not words to describe the depths of my love for Fight Club

  8. that is not very sterile… if your going to be naked at least wrap the table, unless its your table…. then.. well do whatever… but i’m just sayin

  9. mmm….bum….
    wait!!! wha???
    I am jane’s piqued curiousity and fascination.
    one o’ my favourite lines.
    back to ogling.

  10. that dude has girly fingernails and hands, not as rugged and dirty as a project mayhem member methinks

  11. Jon P: project mayhem members don’t start out as rugged and dirty! they start as out corporate drones, THEN evolve.

    ;) ongoing metamorphosis!

  12. I love the quote, I love the random nakedness, and the fuzzy bum is adorable.

    Modblog can we see more of him please?

    p.s. What is he reading??

  13. #25; A project mayhem member wouldnt have stretched earlobes either, we cant all be spacemonkeys

  14. If I was a tattoo artist, I would make it a rule that every man who came in to get work done and looked like that, they would HAVE to be naked.

  15. #25: “Fight Club gets to be your reason for going to the gym and keeping your hair cut short and cutting your nails.” It’s in Chapter 5…

    This morning itself I was explaining to my mom what space monkeys were, and then I come to Modblog to find THIS! Oh ModBlog… Oh Fight Club… : )

  16. I have to totally agree with DangerBitch! Random nakedness makes me happy. There should be much more. Oh and the fuzzy bum works for him!! I love the piece as well as the bum!

  17. on the second picture, is it bad i mainly noticed the word “pussy” on the mirror first? ok well second after the nice rear.

  18. I was naked because we thought it would be fun. I will upload some pictures of the finished product. I like my iphone and my nice hands, I use them for things that require them to be nice and smooth. Thanks for all the comments ;) I will upload more pictures soon.

  19. This was a fun tattoo to do and I’m glad I got to tattoo it on a good friend. Fight Club is one of our favorite movies and we have watched it together many times. A few people asked why naked?? I’ll tell you why naked: why the hell not? It was after hours and hot as hell inside.

    People can sometimes let nudity be such a big deal when it’s a very natural thing. The person getting the ink has always been very comfortable in his own skin and has modeled nude many times for art schools, and photo shoots and magazines. Being nude just comes natural to him. There were a few people who said something about the table not being wrapped in plastic. Well that is true, but I was not tattooing his junk and he was also not bleeding from that area. At least I hope he was not bleeding from that area, LOL. It was however a non-porous surface and as always after ever tattoo procedure, I followed my usual cleaning routine; Madacide the hell out of everything. Then I follow it up with a thorough bleaching. Madacide alone will kill HIV, HEP, HPV, and many other bad bugs. Not to mention the full bleaching after that. Trust me, that table was cleaned prior to, and after the tattoo. I would feel much better any day laying my junk on that table than the cleanest public restroom toilet out there where people sit their fat asses every day without hesitation; or sitting on some gym locker room bench or steam room. YUK! That thought just made me gag a little, haha. I’m a total germaphobe so if anything I over clean. It’s the OCD my tattoo mentor ingrained in me. It was a fun tat to do and I’m happy my buddy still loves it many years later.

    I have not been tattooing in Cambridge at Kaleidoscope for many years. I now have my own shop in Salem Ma. To the other artists and owners at my own place of employments defense; if anyone finds nudity creepy or offensive, my old co-workers and boss had no idea I preformed the tattoo in this fashion after hours.

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