Honour Be Your Clothing – Deux

Come with us now on a journey through time and space! Hmm, let’s start this post again.

Cast your mind back a week to Heiko‘s impressive bodysuit, have you returned? Good, because here’s the front..

Click through to de-Jordan and enlargen.

As before, tattooed by Hannes of Blut & Eisen, Berlin, Germany.

35 thoughts on “Honour Be Your Clothing – Deux

  1. I can’t tell, what’s he have done to his genitals? Are they split? I see the piercings, see the tattoo, but I think I see some splitting.

  2. Noah – From what I can see he’s got a headsplit, with a horizontal apadravya or horizontal shaft, and that jewellery is “interlocked” with this scrotal CBRs.

  3. if u click on his name “heiko” in red he has a list of mods a closer image of his body mods if anyone is ever intreged to see up close, its quite astonishing really

  4. Man that’s a really really nice set of tattoos. I think my favorites are the thunderbird (?) on his lower abdomen and the dragon on the right side of his chest.

  5. What says the sign to left on the wall?
    I read “Dienet d….mit f…”. that is “serve …with/in…”
    I´m curious what it means, especially in combination with the “gentle Swastika”book on the right.
    does anyone know?

  6. It could be “Dienet dem Herrn mit Freuden (kommt vor sein Angesicht mit Frohlocken!)” (Psalm 100:2).

  7. So Jordan is a cock?
    Jordan is a cock-blocker?

    Evil laugh muahahahaha
    (cough cough)
    finaly made some bad jokes

    but it is an intense piece i like it.

  8. This is absolutely ridiculous ! It takes serious skill for someone to be able to do this. :O wowzaa.

  9. Wow, absolutely beautiful. Some of the most stunning work I’ve seen. I like how it works together. Also quite sexy 😉

  10. It was weird enough to see a j-rocker on here, but now you’re quoting The Mighty Boosh! Awesome!

  11. This really is amazing, the black works looks so great and not faded at all. I love the piece on his lower abdomen. It must have taken a lot of patience. Gorgeous!!!

  12. I can’t stop staring at this. It’s just too beautiful. The detailing is simply fabulous, and the use of color is mesmerizing. It’s fabulous.

  13. @Missy
    Thank you!
    Sounds likely. And the design is typical for Psalms, too.

    apart from that’:
    That is some badass Tattooing! love how those different styles merge into one big piece!

  14. looooove. Usually I’m not a fan of tattood genitals, but now they fit the whole picture inked in black.
    Otherwise the tattoo is absolutely amazing, I love the flowing mix between different styles, and the use of only black/grey, red and white/skin.

    How is the dragon on his left pec done? Is it just grey and then black around, or reeeally thin skin-coloured outlines or what? It looks awesome, I hope it stands the wear of time.

  15. so the eagle on his lower stomach/ genitals is the eagle that was used by the Nazi part in Germany. Now I haven’t really kept up on the reoccurrence of Nazi symbols in German culture outside of the swastika, but has the eagle also been reclaimed?

    but beyond my question, amazing work. although i find it interesting that everything stops so that if he were wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt you’d never know he was tattooed.

  16. This really is so good. I’m not a particular fan of bodysuits, although I appreciate the effort that goes into one, but this truly is a great piece of artwork. I love the blackwork dragon and the check pattern parallel to it. Subtle but effective touches to an awesome overall piece of work.
    And it’s so consistent even with the changing styles!

  17. oh roo… how i adore you even more now… the mighty boosh refrence was just fantastical~!

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