When the clock’s in my hand..

Your time is over, homie!

I don’t leave the block without my clock!
Is it because I’m standing with yo’ bitch?
Or got all these stones on my wrists?
Don’t think your leavin’ here with this,
I don’t leave the block, without my clock!

The actual meaning of this hand tattoo on IAM: zombea is, wait for it..

I’ve got too much time on my hands!

By Tim McKenny (Myspace), Maya Tattoo, Sioux City, Iowa.

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35 thoughts on “When the clock’s in my hand..

  1. she looks kinda like Drew Barrymore. tattoos pretty sick to. i wonder if the time on it means anything?

  2. Ach, i dig it. I’m lovin’ the artist’s coloration of the tattoo most of all, it kinda reminds me of the watercoloring books i had as a kid. ‘Tis bitchin’.

  3. Woo! =] Actually, the time on it is wrong. It was supposed to be set to 11:11. But it wasn’t on the sketch and neither of us noticed until it was too late. Oh well, makes for a funny story I guess?

  4. She will always have time on her hands =)
    And I’m really liking the nostrils too. Is that a pearly gold silicone?

  5. the question I have is how do you decide what time of day is going to be permenantly tattooed on your hand?

  6. i love it and i love the size of it. Really like the way it take up and spills over the whole hand!

  7. just a mix between the angle of the pocket watch with the face being set down further then the ring. and just liking how it looks better

  8. I’m SO happy to see some of Bea’s tattoos being displayed. Timm’s work is awesome and she embodies it perfectly <3

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