Hooray For Most Things

When this picture fell from heaven — or maybe it was Mars? — all that was attached to it was a note reading, “Done by my roommate with a soldering iron.” What does it all mean? Ah, the universe is a mysterious place sometimes.

28 thoughts on “Hooray For Most Things

  1. Its mis-spelt english but you should really call it “slang”

    Using the K for Cunt here in australia at least generally means the person isnt a cunt but is acting like one at that point in time.

    ie: John is a cunt
    //: Stop being such a kunt john!

  2. see, when you say you don’t know the story behind a photo, what you do is, you email the person back and say, “hey dude, what’s the story?” every time i’ve been featured on modblog, i got an email beforehand asking for the story behind the mod. start doing that please so we know the deal.

  3. Mattie: Is that I do? Sweet, thanks for the tip.

    That actually *is* what often happens, but sometimes (1) the people don’t want to tell the story behind a certain thing, (2) there is no story behind it, or (3) the turn-around time on getting a post up makes it difficult to wait for a response.

    And really, sometimes the absurdity of a standalone image without explanation can be more entertaining than a “I was bored on a rainy day and did ‘X procedure’ just because.” There’s definitely an important anthropological/archival/completist/etc. aspect to what BME does, but sometimes — particularly on ModBlog — it’s nice to just have something that makes you chuckle.

  4. @ Somanachronistic and oppositronic: I don’t know why you both think it’s the Dutch word for cunt, because it isn’t. I’m Dutch. Kunt means can in Dutch; as in “you can …”.
    The Dutch word for cunt is kut (pardon my French). Ass by the way spells kont. So, no Dutch on this cheek. Read up before you post something about a language you obviously don’t know.

  5. Korova is right about the dutch language… But I’m still a bit puzzled why the guy is so fascitated by having kunt branded on his but in such large lettering. For himself? For others to see? Is it a message or just pleasure?

  6. I Amwith Korova on this one.
    I am also from holland and i never heard of that word (obviously i know the word Cunt)

    Mabey they mean KunSt that means art.
    other then that i dont have a clue

  7. ok i use a soldering iron regularly and ive accidentally nipped myself with one
    im telling you i would most certainly not want one of my friends with one near my butt

  8. I agree that theirs the 3 options that you listed Jordon, I just would kinda prefer a slower turnover rate of posts when they actually have some good commentary, and then perhaps more discussion/comments could happen for each post because theirs actaully time for a discussion instead of that post already being at the bottom of the page by the end of the day. I realized that discussion already does happen, I just feel that some posts would get more attention if there were less posts overall.

    Anyhow, that’s just my 2 cents.

  9. Hopefully they used a fresh tip on the iron, and not one that had been used to solder.

  10. 14 – yeah in Australia Kunt is pronunced “Kee-unt” (But said faster), its most definitely decipherable from how we say Cunt.

  11. Korova, i wrote “lol dutch” beause i thought it was funny that someone had suggested that it was dutch rather than a vulgar term for snatch, and also because i find the dutch and the dutch language to be generally humorous in all circumstance

  12. @ oppositronic: I’m sorry. I couldn’t destillate that from your comment. Yes, we and our language can be quite humorous. :)

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