Johnny Depp, Nick Cave and Dracula Walk Into a Bar …

… and then give Daniel a pretty sweet makeover. (Actually, did that, in addition to taking the photo.)

(Chest tattoos by Jill at Urge 2 in Edmonton, Alberta.)

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31 thoughts on “Johnny Depp, Nick Cave and Dracula Walk Into a Bar …

  1. Oh boy, more tattoos. And more tattoos. And more tattoos.

    Just what the web needed. Another tattoo blog.


  2. @13, I think awesome happened to them. :)

    I seriously love this guy’s look. I can’t get over it.

  3. Hi Timmy95, I’m well aware of modblog’s history because I was here back when MODblog was mostly about MODS and the only time tattoos were thrown in was when they were REALLY cool and exceptional.

    In the last year MODblog has become TATblog and now there’s hardly EVER any really cool mods shown. Now it’s 90% tats with the occasional suspension or branding thrown in plus a cutesy pic of some scene twit with stretched lobes. So what, pics I can see on myspace every day, wow cool! Not.

    Modblog used to be THE best place to see THE coolest and most extreme mods. Now it’s just like every other tattoo blog on the internet: BOOOOOOORING.

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  5. I did his makeup for this shot. (and took this photo)
    We wanted to play up his crazy features, that’s why his brows and stash are more defined.
    Plus his chest tattoo is spooky so I felt it was a nice added touch.

  6. this dude is so gay, like really.

    I wonder if this dude wanted water, milk, or lotion.

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