I’ll take mine fully subincised please.

I like my penises cut in two.

Dearest ModBlog,

I’ve missed you. I know I never write but I can’t help it. The shop keeps me running all day printing shirts, mailing out things for people to decorate their weenies with and all sorts of goodies to make BME’rs smile. I know Jordan and Roo take good care of you but I wanted to let you know I think about you every single day. I’ve got a couple other great BME/Hard inspired shirts coming soon, not to mention all the heavily discounted final run shirts. Who wouldn’t love BME shirts for 9.99? What would make you happier? A discount code on orders good until December 24th? I’ll see what I can do. Till next time, take care.

Love Always,


14 thoughts on “I’ll take mine fully subincised please.

  1. I remember the first time I ever saw a genital bisection. I yelled, “AH! IT LOOKS LIKE SHROOMS!”

  2. Okay big talker, be the first to order it. I’ll print it and ship it to you today and then you have to post a picture of yourself at work in it. :)

  3. I should totally get this and bring it to work to show to my boss – he’s as big of a sarcastic smartass as I am, and went recently to a street vendor with our compliance officer to buy 2 tshirts: 1) Fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck, and 2) Do I look like a fucking people person? AND then went chasing our division exec down the hall to show him. I think if I brought this winky shirt to work, though, it might actually stop him in his tracks.

  4. Are there going to be stickers available in the BME shop anytime soon? I just got a new laptop and am looking for a big mess o’ stickers to slap on it, and BME stickers would be the bee’s knees.

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