What, me worry? Not with artists like Randy Keener of Peacocks Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida, knocking out pieces like this one of Alfred E. Neuman, the everlasting face of MAD Magazine. Fonebone will be most pleased.

10 thoughts on “BREEDEET BREEDEET

  1. Wow. That’s it for me. modblog is now off my visit list. How sad to see it go from the best spot on the ‘net to check out cool mods to the best place on the net to check out stupid crap like Alfred E Neuman and fishstick tattoos. What a sad demise.

  2. Just a random thought..
    that’s totally my last name.
    I’ve never seen or heard of anybody else other than my family having it.


  3. seriously, whats the bid deal? would you prefer average quality “extreme” mods, or amazing ink like this

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