A Box Without Hinges

Is it just me, or have the internets been interminably slow today? I’ve been online at a few different locations, and across the board, things have just been crawling all day. Makes it difficult to make with the sexy pictures, you know? On behalf of the series of tubes, I apologize. Anyway, says the gentleman pictured above of his tattoo:

It’s from an old Sid Tattoo poster and [tattooist] Justun [Wanted, of In the Blood Tattoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] thought it would be a funny tattoo, and I said, “I’ll get it right above my junk!” I was joking at first, but little did i know …

Long story short, the next day we decided to actually go through with it, and here it is! Haha.

19 thoughts on “A Box Without Hinges

  1. i hate that the arrow on the right is longer then the left one…i hate all the arrows cuz they all dont look the same :-/

  2. What are the arrows pointing at? They don’t even converge on one point…is “it” his lower body in general?

  3. we just took an old school piece and turned the arrows to point down so its pretey much exactly like the poster..oh my love for joke tattoos

  4. Just curious Fireship, but what’s wrong with In The Blood?
    … I’ve personally never heard of them before (I live in Canada).

    Other than that… I have no problem with this tattoo, it’s kind of odd, but there are just some odd people in the world! I prefer tattoos with meanings, the ones with out I find that people get sick of them and regret their decision.


  5. I was able to read the script right away, I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you haha :P


  6. Fireship… Ive been modblogged before and theyve been related to our shops work.. so im not quite sure what your comment is supposed to mean

    but anyways again, its all in good fun

  7. I really like the stretched navel piercing, and I could read the tattoo right away. I really like the way the arrows go from black to red and the letter Y.

  8. He is a diabetic amputee who after years of searching found two candidates for limb transplants. In honor of that special occasion they decided to tattoo “You found II” with arrows pointing to his new legs. I heard they are making a movie about him.

  9. The asymmetry of this is really bugs me.. That and the “T” so closely resembles the “I” it can only be roman numerals, and nothing else.

    Thank you turkey lurkey for your spot on backstory.

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